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Free adjustable base with your 6 99 mattress purchase. I'm Paul Cross News radio 6 10 W. Y. O D. Taking a look right now I don't the radar Everything is looking pretty soggy. Green has subsided a little bit outside our Miramar Studios. We basically had a daily is just a few minutes ago that has moved now on into portions of western and seeing some lightning there. Do you drive with extra caution? Heavier rain also Over portions of Kendall and Homestead words 77 degrees right now at 10 31. New developments into a mass shooting that took place in Palm Springs north, where car was recovered, submerged in the canal earlier this week. There is talks that there may be a possible second vehicle involved and more suspects. So far, no leads on that an interim superintendent maybe tap today in Broward County. 13 district employees, ranging from teachers to classroom assistants to the chief of safety and security applied for the temporary job knowing they will not be considered for the permanent position. Board member Laurie Allen Jeff says they'll do a national search for that slot, which requires a master's degree in 10 years of management experience that is a strong leader, someone that's an effective communicator, someone that will hold fast accountable. Board members can name the interim today or open the application back up to district employees on Lee The goal is to have someone in place by August 10th, which is Robert Runcie, his last day on the job. Wendi Grossman News Radio's 16 W Y. O D in Florida has a new $100 billion state budget, the biggest ever signing in New Smyrna Beach. The governor says it supports our students, teachers, law enforcement and other first responders wild protecting the environment. And our state's most vulnerable residents, but does so in a way that has the lowest per capita tax burden of any state in the country. And that has what will probably be $10 billion in reserve. And the budget kicks in on July 1st right now on Wall Street Dow is down 120 points at 4 34,081. NASDAQ Down 1 46 S and P Down 26 More news at 11 more Brian might Next. I'm Natalie Rodriguez News Radio 6 10 W Y o D. I'm Dr Baker and er physician. If you're having leg pain, swelling or readiness, but haven't talked to your doctor yet, don't wait. This could be deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot, which.

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