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More of nightside with WBZ's. Dan, Rae OG, folks. This radio. Can you hear me? Hour number two. Rainy Friday night on my guest is Janet Euler. Janet was one of the twelve jurors who convicted Whitey Bulger for eleven murders in federal court that ended up him being sentenced to life in prison. And eventually his death on October thirtieth. He was murdered in a West Virginia. Prison Janet before we get back to the calls. Very quickly. What was your reaction when you heard of the way in which Whitey Bolger died? I was shocked. I was shocked and the realization hit me that would John Mars attempted to do with the help of Boston Globe. Reporters twenty three years ago. He finally accomplished on October thirtieth. You're not accusing John Morris have killing Whitey BELTRAN. Actual though, I am saying that John Morris has blood on his hands. The Boston Globe per trenching that article on Mars was the article true or untrue. The article was John LARs claim that Whitey Bolger wasn't FBI informant in the Boston Globe, just accepted it. First of all, it was unethical for Mars to even say that as an FBI agent, and it was unethical for the Boston Globe to report that knowing that it was on that gopher John Mars to say it. I don't think I don't think the Boston Globe should be held to the ethical standards of the FBI. I mean, assuming that you did your accurate in that. Now, it was true. Did they did they even check it out? Did they take time to even ask any questions? My understanding is they printed it right away. And that was the reason Mars did it is because the wall was closing down on him. They found out about his corruption. Wasn't he risk-taking money? Purpose. According to even judge who had modest him and the reporters from the Boston Globe was that he intended to have Bolger murdered by the mafia for saying that she was an FBI informant and the Boston Globe went right along with that. Which? Judge journalism which judge at my coach check that out. I'm not sure which judge it was. But there was an admonishment admonition. Okay. No. Let me ask you this willing reporters from the globe. Was it was it was what he Belgian FBI informant Whitey Bolger claimed he never was he was shocked by the FBI informant. File. In fact, the strange thing is his last letter that I received for him from him. He had a lot of information about that. And about how much money he paid to John Morrison. John Connolly for information, and what kind of information they gave him and what kind of items they gave him in return purchase pay to them. What did they give him in return? One of the things they gave him. He said it was a Christmas gift wooden box. It weighed about sixty five pounds. Let me sign the exact quote. It was plastic. Plastic explosives with a silent igniter when it had a big, Dan. Did he use those plastic explosives? I you never told me if did probably maybe or maybe he gave them to somebody else. He says in this letter that she gave between the two of them about nine hundred thousand dollars one of the things John Conway did was to take forty thousand dollars in cash and by speed. So his story to you was that he was not an FBI informant, and he was paying off the FBI. So they would protect him. Now, not to protect him to get information. They would tell him when anything was coming in. And we get to him or his gang. That's how he would be protected. Well, yeah. But not direct protection that you're not be standing century. We're not you're not suggesting that. You do know that he shipped weapons to the IRA, right? Yes. He did. Yeah. Okay. And those weapons were shipped those weapons would end those those weapons I'm assuming would have been used to have killed people. I that's too. I don't. So therefore, the there may have been other debts that he was responsible for above and beyond those for which he was here. Here in Boston. Did he ever say that or did he ever admit to? He did not talk about the dealings at the bell. Hello. Okay. Let's get back to the phones. Now, let me issue an admonition to my callers. Look you can disagree with Janet ULA. She's here because she has a perspective firsthand perspective that I don't have that. You don't have feel free to ask whatever questions you want. You can be critical. But I expect you to be polite. Let me go next this hour. Start off this hour with a couple of guys were tough on you. Let's go to Noel in Methuen. Noel in Methuen. How are you tonight? You're next on the ringcentral nightside caller line with Dan Rae and Janet Euler go right ahead. Hi, janet. Mister Bolger ever talk about one Howie Carr and to how he felt about his girlfriend having to go to prison. He s he talked about both of those things as far as how we cargoes. He had no love we nor how we for him in the trial itself. When John Martorana was testifying John Martorana told the jury that how we wrote at least a book with John Mara, no hit me on in partnership with John Martorana. John Martorana got half of the royalties from that book, but the public didn't know that that anybody who purchased that book was actually supporting John Martorana. And and and we have to, you know, this is if people can put aside what they think they know about Jim Bolger. Repechages dejected for for second in defensive highly car. I don't assume that John Martorana. If I bought that book, I don't assume that John Martorana would have given away his story. For a contribution to the little sisters of the poor is getting half the royalties. So exactly yeah. Getting paid for that book. Second partnership, if he's getting a little tease, Dan, but we have to, you know, step back from and consider this anything the public knows about Jim Bolger came initially from John Morris who was trying to have Bolger assassinated by the mafia before everything came falling down on John Morris. It came from John mater rhino Steve slimy Kevin weeks, it was their stories to assistant US attorneys, namely, Fred, why shack Baghad out and we're printing by Boston Globe. Reporters by Boston Herald reporters by WVU, our reporters as fact, let me defend all of those reporters because if I had information from what I consider to be reliable sources, I would have gone and told those stories that's what reporters and and. We should emphasize. Let me finish if I could. And then I'll let you go Janet not let you all respond all of those individuals who provided information about James Whitey Bulger. We're his business partners either his formal or as informal business partners. These were the people who he did business with who he trusted and who theoretically trusted him. What did he mean? They were telling the truth. Well, I could just say this. They certainly had standing to present themselves to legitimate reporters into many legitimate reporters who cover this story who I know who were legitimate reporters. And they these people are in the position to know. What are they supposed to do as a reporter? I'm defending the reporters here. This is a story people wanted to destroy that was hidden for years. What he bows you the legend of Whitey buzzer. Was that of Robin Hood? He was he was the good bad guy. He was the guy who was keeping keeping drugs out of south Boston and all of that. And that story, frankly. Was not true. Well, it's because of these guys said, otherwise, and yeah, he was a criminal. But the bottom line is this. These guys got outrageous deals for these stories. These guys they're combined criminality their combined body count is more than one hundred souls, how in the scales of Justice in the federal court system to their crimes way less than that of Whitey Bolger. Why are all of them free to enjoy life? And at least two of them, we're giving ridiculous amounts of money. John was given at least three million dollars in tainted assets back. They walk around the streets. None of their victims have been vindicated within the court system. But Whitey Bolger was the focus. You've gotta stop and ask you. Was the kingpin at the group. They. Why did you take orders from on Toronto D'amoto take orders from Whitey, Dan when they laid that out in the court in their charts, and then everything not around no flinty and Whitey were on an equal footing. They were all the heads of this group. Now, we've brought fear stories hook line, and sinker. And all of those reporters that you're descending. Why do you spend in prison for five years up until a couple of weeks ago? None of them interviewed him. None of them car. Sponsored with him. None of those journalists went to the source to ask him about. What was being said the first of all? Journalism. First of all a lot of the stories were written while he was on the Lam. And they were written as fat. And they were witness facts. There was no opportunity for them to interview Whitey to corroborate those facts while he was on the Lam if he had wanted to write them as fat. How can you write something? As fact when you can't go to the source. If you have if you if you have well, though, if you have I I don't wanna go word by word. I don't want to parse every every report that was in the globe herald wherever, but if you have information that you believe to be credible in particularly that information is corroborated by second source. You can write it as fact or you, can you could write it in a way that might appear to be fact, but you could say sources, tell me sources close the bulge, you tell me this or tell me that let me do this. No L, we're taking some of your time. Do you have another comment or question for Janet? She. Ever mentioned in girlfriend, Catherine having to go to ESPN Noel, he mentioned her all the time. He's very concerned about her. In fact, what was kept from the jury also is that when Bulger was arrested by the FBI in California. He told the FBI that he wanted to plead guilty to all charges and accept an expedited death sentence and all he wanted in return for that was leniency for Catherine Greg because she had no priors and her crime was just that she was with him had she been his his wife had she been his sister his daughter. She wouldn't have been charged in the trial. It came out that the probation department recommended two years in prison for Catherine that was leniency, but the United States the US attorney's office in Boston. Rejected that and they wanted Catherine to serve for eight years the first year being in solitary confinement, and they have since added three years to Catherine sentenced, Catherine Greg will serve as much time in prison. Because she just happened to love vulture and be with them as John mater rhino did for twenty cold blooded murders, including two teenagers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time because he doesn't. Greg. Greg also harbored a criminal and cat without Catherine. Greg wate boats. You probably could not have survived out there for as long as he did think of the agency was his wife, if she was his daughter if she was his sister that wouldn't happen. About that. I'm not so sure about that legally, maybe. You're not sure Dan on the same note in testimony in his trial. John Mada runner's girlfriend testified that she harbored Sean mater Ronald for the exact same amount of time..

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