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Sometimes like that deer in the headlights, I block, I haven't heard much of anything about this guy at all my question in the headline of this episode guys is will Zac, gentry even make an impact in two thousand nineteen. That's what I wanna know. So let's with Brian will this guy even make an impact? Will we even be talking about, I'm not that he's not gonna make the team? Will we even be talking about that gentry come? September. I think this is going to mostly a redshirt season for Zach gentry, but really, you know, I'm thinking that this guy is going to surprise you with one touch down. Maybe maybe lucky to have a hundred yards entire season, and then but this is all going to be the build up to be ready for year. Number two, he's gonna play sparingly remember young guys, it takes a long time to get that get that rhythm with Ben Rothlisberger in. You have to earn his trust any of a lot to do so. Lehai said, I think this is going to be a learning year for them. I think he makes the fifty three you can't stash the sky on the practice squad. But it's gonna take a lot for him to get in there. Eating what are your thoughts on? Zach gentry? As of right now, the third T spots, basically handed to them, unless the Steelers decide to do something else to make a trade. He's really what, what there is. It's. It's interesting these a fifth round pick 'cause I don't know. I don't really have the numbers to back this up put it feels like the Steelers liked to take fliers on guys in the fifth round that possibly remind them of somebody else. That's exactly what the did with Brian Allen. He was fifth round pick corner out of Utah. Well, he's tall. He's athletic. He's almost like a he's almost like a Richard Sherman. Okay. Let's see if you can develop into that. Well, we haven't we haven't seen that, but he's still sticking with the team. You know, some people see the size and everything of gentry all when he was a quarterback when even came to Michigan. It's, it's I feel it's a flyer. I feel it's a it's a it's a pure flyer. And we'll see if that, if they hit on one of these, so I don't know enough about. He had four college touchdowns to junior to senior. He did not have very many yards receiver in college. But get him on a pro team, get him with the right body type. I mean how many titans do we have in the NFL that were basketball players in college? You know didn't even play football. So it's it's a project. So I think I think Brian's, right? He's going to make the fifty three but it's more of like a redshirt cheese. Yes, it is the question that was posed both in the headline than what I said, was, I don't think this guy is gonna make an impact into those nineteen if they're ever gonna run the three tight end set. He's probably not even going to be on the field build row in extra tackle out there before they put Zach gentry on the field with Vance Madonna in Xavier grumble unless there's an injury, I can see him being a game day inactive every single week. I actually wouldn't be shocked if he gets cut, I don't know. I, I just feel like he's gonna have to show something that isn't out on the market right now. That's possibly vailable or maybe one of these undrafted free agents or I don't know. It would be really interesting. Bucky Hodges was still on the team because he was a guy that a lot of people liked and looked. Okay. And then they just they caught him. So I don't I don't know what happened there. But I'm gonna say that he does not make an impact a guys you have any stats or anything a day. Have you talked to touchdowns VP else you wanted to go over with, with gentry? I know I gotta be professional. I got myself. Yeah. He had. Well we came in as a freshman a quarterback, he didn't even play tight end until he was a junior and in nine games, yet, he had what seventeen catches for three hundred and three yards..

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