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The Saint Louis blues advanced to the blank. And h l Stanley Cup final right after being pulled over in a brass command wanted onto outstanding warrants gave police a fake name, but they didn't believe him because he was blank. Oh. Gave a woman's name. He's a man no didn't believe his fake name because he was also wearing and name tag. Pulled the guy over because his car match description of one owned by fugitive named Marquel Towner. But when questioned the man said that his name was Dangelo town's, name, very different. Police would have left it there. If the man were also wearing a name tag, that very clearly said, hi. My name is Marquel. Towner. The man was arrested and has pled, not guilty. But that was before police found a piece of paper in his pocket titled a list of all the crimes that I. Downer committed. Bill. How did Alonzo doing our? Oh, close. He got six right? Two more points. Fifteen one behind. How many? Seven to win this game. Tom fill the blank on Monday. Michael Cohen said that he was instructed to lie to congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in blank Moscow, right? Early results from India's. National election show blank winning a second term Mody. Yes this week, a judge ruled that the subpoena for blanks records, Deutsche Bank could proceed Trump right after a string of violent protests, reacting to the reelection of Joko Widodo thirties in blank restricted social media use throughout the country. New Jersey Indo Indonesia after trying unsuccessfully to return an item to Amazon four times a woman in San Francisco blanked. Yelled it. Serey. No one went to Amazon's shareholder meeting and tried to return it directly to Jeff Bezos. Sunday, the series Benelli of blanks viewing records for HBO game of thrones. Yes. A Massachusetts man called nine one one to say someone had broken into his home and blanked Lindisfarne on fire. No. Clean. Man, the man and his child got home discovered. The back door open walked in expecting the place to be ransacked and in, in fact, found it to be a lot cleaner than it was. When they had left that morning, somebody had come in tidied up cleaned. They actually they smelt all the cleaning stuff, so they cleaned the floors and everything. And best of all included a little origami rose tied on top of the brand new toilet. Paper roll that is the creepiest story. Bailed Tom do well enough to win. He's in there for eight more points. Total of eleven he's not a winner. Who is tipping faith? Just a minute. Just a minute. We're going to ask our panelists after all the Arthur drama. What would be the next time? A cartoon to makes headlines, thank you to stock in ledger for.

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