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Ali that people will get so hopped up on the stock that they get and they won't realize it on their way out lift of by if the put up a bunch of cash that group and where they're gonna get it and then one of the gonna get the money back suddenly at that point you're like gun to your head you just got fired a gun to head your leaving you have to come up with this cash fast and i think you pay taxes on and i think any day when you get hightech being you pay taxes on itunes see big cat they pay taxes on it and then who knows what will happen when it by a huge huge racket my friend shane shane mack you sit down with people who worked for his company um i forget the name of the company was working for you sit down with him say look mean be honest with you here's what's going to happen here just be aware they people say stock is powerful but here's what really happens our revenue now how much he bringing in its four hundred forty five thousand last year so all 45000 how much that is profit we try to rondos numbers we actually killed mostly the prophet with a law the marketing spent so we printing mice fear that we're profitable last year we hit profitability in the last quarter but at the end of the year i think we left leg 50 k in profit with because i was actively trying to expensive with the law prepayment on marketing expenses things like that but did you ever have press and say what the hell did i do i gave up all this money from google for this i although this is the first year when we actually made these monies last year did you say kids i wake up in the middle of the night did you wake up in the middle of the night back then yeah and even this year i think we didn't i didn't really take much out of the salary lake as a salary i just don't expensive with a contractor so on on the other side i have to like hustle and get consulting gigs and i had to get some more my course that's how like i make a living.

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