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To wake me up and now i'm either doing a fasted workout like teaching or eating like an avocado just keeping to those healthy fats and it i'm satiated until at least mid morning when all either do a smoothie or eggs with apple kado and either turkey bacon or something like that like a protein because i wasn't eating a lot of animal protein which wasn't making me feel great yeah i think for someone who trains as hard as you it really you know animal protein is a great source of b twelve it's a great source of vitamin d it's a great source of iron iron is what carries oxygen and nutrients to cells so when you talk about recovery you need all of that and it's a different type of iron that's in kale so a lot of times you just see people like on the internet will say oh pound of you know a couple of cups of kale is better than like four ounces of stake in it you know fine if we're just categorizing iron general what we're talking about different types of iron and like knowing that biology or knowing that how those things are different like he mired really translates to the iron in your body that can really fuel yourselves so recovery is super important when you're i mean for both smo an lindsey like you guys are training people you're you're working out not only are you working out to like hold energy and of the room and the space but you're doing it multiple times a day so i would say it's it's it takes a lot more work and a vegan vegetarians base it's totally do people to fuel people the right way if they're training that much but it's just a little bit harder yeah also incorporated more supplements so i was like deficient in vitamin d sweet did if i buy them in d with i think it's official omega three vitamin d yeah which has been really great because i noticed like my mood has changed a little bit just known would probably notice but.

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