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Com. Good. We have a lot of Gators here in Florida, but that's not culturally. There's things I don't think he realized how red neck Florida is one way you do. Florida man. Kept that a secret, y'all terrible. The secret's out, people know who lives in Florida. I think you do. I think we get a lot of the same tweets. People who are like, I'm in Nashville for for two days. What should I go do? Yeah. I probably I probably have three of those. Probably get three of those data. Oh yeah. I have a list belt that I list saved on my notes to. Oh, here's the new cool spokespeople. Talking about it talking about sound, I wanna know about the butter churning culture in your region because you know you have the big annual better lace. The place with like the light up cowboy where he's kinda like kick weighing in. Send me there. And Tulsa at the state fairgrounds right there in the heart of the city. There's this massive like sixty foot oil driller guy from the fifties or something. Yeah, it's huge knee as he doesn't do its drive out there. Okay. And then just drive Judy thing they need. He's needs to have some sort of animatronic element at least that you know, like every once in a while. Yeah, Hagley he's not gonna wait for. True story, our eyeball every hour on the hour. He's like, you know, it was kinda worth it. That was a pretty pretty good. Wink. I was thinking it was going to be more of a blink, but that was a prolonged wink. It was in Virginia. That's a lover thing to do. Creepy. Creepy waiting for guffman Christopher guest, waiting for governor in the play that they do about Blaine Missouri, you know stools stools, they're known for their stills. They had the stool, boom. Remember that. That's what I wanna know. I wanna know what's the equivalent of the stool, boom for your region. What are you guys known for that? Maybe into the race? Okay. Well, many things to our guest Christon gray for joining us his new album, clear the air out today..

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