Donald Trump, David Duke, President Trump discussed on The Michael Knowles Show


How many times do I have to reject? I've reject. David Duke rejected David Duke. I've rejected the K._K._k.. ku-klux-klan from the time five years old rejected them. I put it on twitter last week now. I haven't been asked this question so many times I have rejected at so many times. It seems pretty clear. He has rejected the racists bigots and the white nationalists in the Neo Nights. It seems pretty clear to me. At least maybe to you. The only people that it's not clear to are the people who are willfully ignoring trump's repeated for years and years and years condemnation of racial bigots. They just don't want it to be the case that president trump has condemned racial big. It's because then that gets in the way of their narrative but let's apply the same test to the left what what happens when the right asks the left to condemn they're Kooks and they're bigots. President trump did it forcefully. He's done it totally. He's done it repeatedly now. Watch what happens when the right asks the squad to condemn Kooks folks bigots and even terrorists. I really simple question. Will you condemn Antifa for attacking an ice facility. It's very simple. Will you tell Americans not to attack violently violently ice facilities just say no it would be very simple thing to say and would go along way to tell Americans. You're not sympathetic to ANTIFA. Are you sympathetic committee just say no. He's giving her the answer. Just say no. That's Ion Presley the Ringo of the squad walking down the halls of Congress and this is not a hypothetical question. It's not do you condemn some MHM hypothetical acts of left-wing terrorism just three days ago there was a left-wing terrorist Antifa guy shows up with a rifle and explosives to a border protection facility an ice facility. Fortunately he was taken out before we could commit the terrorist attack but we if if not for law enforcement there would have been that terrorist attack and this right wing journalist says hey just double checking because you've said some pretty weird stuff. Do you squad do you Ana Presley early. Condemn left-wing terrorism not an acknowledgement that that guy asked the question. She just keeps looking ahead. She can't give the answer imagine if the tables returned imagine if a left-wing journalists were asking that of president trump. Let's say that there were a right wing terrorist attack..

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