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January thirty places all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty the NFL is not sponsored promotion in anyway I'm Brian Kurtz president of A. I. P. financial services in Troy for salad entertaining and informative financial **** money matters is a show you can't afford to miss each week will feature a dynamic yes interview with doctors attorneys and other financial experts the interest rate up they don't tell you where to get the highest rates in the nation and your short term CD's and fixed annuity join me for money matters every Saturday at twelve noon right here on FM one a one point five AM fourteen hundred the patriot it starts off on a one on one relationship when you open up your own life to someone that's different Dr David Ireland on focus on the family minute not to say I have a friend that's Asian I have a white friend of a black friend ability friend that's tokenism that's never healthy when you open up your life to say to someone can we just connect with one another because I'd love to grow more to understand your culture and I am very new to this so if I say something that's offensive please correct me because I want to be a student of culture so everyone wants to be a teacher and so the moment we put ourselves in a position of being a student the other persist or smile and when we do that by inviting someone out to lunch inviting someone over to our home that opens up another level of dialogue and so that's what helps to facilitate conversation delta gruel people you can conquer fear in ignorance by asking questions more from doctor Ireland at family minutes dot door hello friends is John McCall and I've got some exciting news now in addition to listen to us on FM one a one point five AM fourteen hundred you can also streams live on radio dot com here's how it works just go to radio dot com cat choose news talk radio and then scroll down to W. D. K. the patriot it's that simple or you can just pick up the radio dot com either way it's fun sounds great and you're going to love it check us out today at radio dot com tonight on Hannity.

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