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The european space agency's proposed space writer orbital space plane is not expected to undertake its maiden flight in late. Twenty twenty three. The reasonable spacecraft which will launch on a vega c. Rocket is designed to deploy and retrieve payloads up to eight hundred kilograms in low-earth-orbit like it's american x thirty seven b pat space ride. It will also serve as an unmanned space laboratory capable of overall operations who periods of several months. The space ryder system is based on the vega sees of on plus stage and aces intermediate experimental league. Or i x v which flew in two thousand fifteen the womb plus upper stage lack this space riders service module providing power attitude control and deorbit engines. It's i v. Heritage will be fitted with landing gear and a multipurpose environmentally controlled category bay with twelve hundred liters of payload volume and access to six hundred watts of power supply as well as thermal control data handling and telemetry capabilities are the features will include sophisticated avionics maneuvering in space in the orbiting. The three hundred kilogramme reusable lifting body design will provide a smooth ride back to earth with a soft para for landing is director of space transportation. Daniel neuenschwander says the spacecraft will be capable of being reused for at least six flights affected today. Your europe does not have this capacity and in fact at ease are we already technology demonstration of reentry on earth which took place a few years ago. Experimental vehicle called. I agree and based on this experience which was highly successful and launched by vega by the way We are now developing space writer during Lowers orbit operation in microgravity vehicle can turn maneuver according to their mission it has and then at the moment in time you start the re entry on earth in fact you have dedicated angle of attack. You start to enter into the atmosphere. This is what we call a lifting body. meaning there are no No plane type of structures. It's just a body which has a certain animal attack enters into the upper part of the atmosphere at high speed we call it hypersonic and then the speed is decreased through drag and when it starts to become subsonic you have lowered significantly speed. And once you have reached a certain level you can deploy para foil and once with the poise deployed. You can have a precision landing on the runway somewhere in europe. We do a call for opportunities and we will have different flight opportunities Planned for example in microgravity research. So if you're coming from a university that's for sure. An opportunity like In material sciences or pharmaceutical field biological that large-scale second we will work on commercial opportunities and here. We are already quite good. Exchanges again with the pharmaceutical industry and we will look for further In-orbit validation and demonstration of technologies which have to be tested and qualified in-space before they go on big and costly mission directorate space transportation daniel knowing fender and this space time still to come messes. Mas ingenuity helicopter identifies potentially interesting path forward and later in the science report. Just feel flushed with success after discovering a twenty-seven hundred-year-old donny. Oh that more still to come on space time is mas ingenuity helicopter identified a potentially interesting path forward for the missions. Perseverance rover like other mas missions ingenuity and perseverance of being stationary. For the past couple of weeks as the red planet passes through solar conjunction the period when mazas orbit moves the behind the sun as seen from earth making radio communications difficult now with operations getting ready to resume. Perseverance mission manages that taking a close look at the south sita region which is showing signs of significant scientific interest based on ingenuity. Stater recess. Believe this site could potentially be a treasure trove of complex geology providing information that could play a valuable role in the patient. Search for pass microbial life on the red planet ingenuity obtained ten images of the area as it flew over the south city a region at an altitude of ten meters. The one hundred sixty nine point. Five second flight was the longest and one of the most complicated undertaken by the tiny one point. Eight kilogram robot copter. Since the mission. I landed on the ancient dried up river dolder inches row crater bag on february eighteenth. The lettuce flight included model way points as ingenuity flew from relatively nondescript terrain outside south city into much more varied terrain inside then back out again looking for signs of layered sedimentary rock that could have been deposited by water. The flight spotted intriguing rocky outcrops accessible to the rover and safe routes. The rover could take into him back out of the area mission. Managers are always concerned about the possibility of getting bogged in a sand dune perseverance project. Scientists kim fowley from this jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena. California says that from a science perspective a new south city r- images are the most valuable ingenuity taken so far.

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