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I'm very interested in being an actor and like i'm always like talking about that stuff so i don't know if identified with it completely and and i felt like some of my artists battery had been drained. I feel like a good way to recharge that is live performances and i was tired of waiting for opportunities from other people and so i was like i'm just gonna the right kind of thing that i would want to do so. I started writing these annual halloween place called spook night which kind of turned into some other things and just as you guys know. We've all worked together on stuff that i've written. It's it's ridiculous and silly. I get bored very very easily. I wanna perform right now and so for me a lot of the immediacy of that comes from theater because i have more control over what i can put up myself or the key <hes> you can kind of get auditions yourself and that in the theater world is very small in los angeles so someone knows you there. There's like more opportunity. It's harder to get into an audition room for film and atv so that's where like necessity from writing comes from an allison. I recently worked on something brains going which one which room five success yes yes so <hes> you played a do. Even tom yeah i was like hey it's going to be a lot of prosthetics and it's gonna be crazy or you cooled wearing full blackout contacts. I want you to demon in the nightmare. Anything that you guys asked me to any three of you i would do anything. Let's kill him. I i can't remember chloride fokker smother but yeah so room five six is my most recent project and it's the project that i wrote an my fiance directed and we are using that to pitch a feature and so the style and tone of that project is what we aspire or to watching allison onset and dylan as well as really really incredible and like you guys all inspire me so much and allison like the film making that she does and the awards that you've won end from short films and other films that you're doing is really really incredible until like show up on sat and to have like josie sign me allison sister dislike sign me in to like and then you go through through hair makeup and wardrobe and then you're an actual set. We were shooting on like this hospital stage. Yeah it was it was like the the effects and what i looked like i like this long grey blond wig. These horns were black cast from like actual goat horn got fingers molded to my hands like i was so impressed impressed with the whole now. I can't wait for people to see everything that you're going to continue awesome. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. The project takes place in a hospital and it's about this guy who's waiting in the emergency room waiting room for his sister and he doesn't know why she's there and so it's all about like his anxieties and he keeps falling asleep so it kind of goes back and forth between nightmare sequences winces and what's actually happening and how his anxieties are sort of manifesting into this creature. That's like hunting his sister down in the hospital so yes yeah you are full yeah. It's awesome to see like how far we've all. Come in these different directions and like you specifically like you know. I never thought of you as anything other than a friend but you were like my little sister and it was so it was just like you know like i said didn't treat you any differently differently because of that you were just one of us but at the same time it is kinda weird looking at you now being like okay. You're making movies. You have your own condo. You are a hey it's like i don't know i wrote a plan putting up next week and it's a hole in the north hollywood ashes amazing well the thing. Is you saying that like you get bored..

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