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Build up to it in an execute it where you're not breaking the constitution of the characters who were supposed to then get behind for other reasons the alot other eleven months of the year or even have a dissenting opinion right like show up on smack down the next night and have one of your top good guys disagree with what happened or have or have shane mcmahon and the ad daniel bryan on smack down the rating shame it you know what i mean like like have a little bit more and you could even that way build a little bit of tension you know have shane mcmahon captaining a team where may be one of the big team members doesn't agree with what she did and then regardless of how survivor series goes coming out of survivors series you have that tension that's not just the typical i'm the bad guy in your the boss and i don't like you because you're not treating me right and and i would have liked to seen during the siege at one or two or three baby faces golan whoa whoa to a he'll who went too far sure it's you have that moment of mob mentality and you know it's been studied irs college courses on it people studied psychology why do people do things outside their character in a mob situation and you could have had something going on where you don't get ups i'm gonna say names that weren't even there but you could have add aj styles interrupt new dangled pay come on man that's too much or when a he'll attacks guy and a headset you got knocked mira check on the guy in look up at the he'll going what are you doing you know like so you have the heels who are taken advantage of the mob and tallied any of the baby faces who thought hey we're here to make a statement but we're not here to be thugs and and by the way you'll you'll you'll you could have ziglar attack and a guy right aj styles says hey that's enough ziglar the next week on on smack down sigler saying hey aj weren't you wearing red when you wrestled on raw this week in what are your loyalties lie asia a in there are there are a lot of stories to be dogs i kind of thought that that's.

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