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A school district official in beaverton oregon was forced to resign yesterday over something he posted on twitter a few weeks ago deputy superintendent steve phillips posted a re tweet it said immigrants in the country without legal permission were quote more dangerous than assault rifles and therefore should be banned from the united states maureen wheeler is the communications director for the beaverton school district and tells komo it was philip's personal twitter account not a district account but she says that's irrelevant in your leadership in a district you're very public it's kind of a twenty four seven position and everything you do and everything you say is representative of the work that we do every single day the resignation on tuesday day after the school district apologized for the post and a petition started calling for phillips to be fired forty one at komo and time for a sports update here's tom glasgow the mariners and the missing ingredient while the mariners offense has gone on ice abid just four runs over the last three games they'll try to get things a heated backup in game three of four against the astros at safeco field tonight that may be easier said than done because the ems are taking on a very hot pitcher in houston's garrett cole he has thirty six strikeouts in twenty one innings this season and that leads all qualified starters with fifteen point four three strikeouts per nine innings the mariners will counter with mike leake off to a nice start in twenty eighteen again first pitch tonight at safeco field set for seven ten six time all star jose bautisita alannah braves have agreed to a minor league contract last season with the blue jays about made eighteen million dollars but delivered a batting average of two oh three with twenty three homers and sixty three runs batted in u dub spring football winding down it'll wrap up with saturday's spraying preview wide receivers coach matt lubick talking about his wide receiving group now that dante pettis has moved on wash great player last two years and so guys gotta step up i think we'll have more deaths than we've had in the past stay healthy but very pleased with the guys effort and the way they.

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