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Credit card information, you need a car to print it on. Well, guess what you can go to Google by that to find a company that sells that stuff. So what else do you need? Well, you need you need a device. That will imprint that stolen information on that card stack stock that you just purchase guess what you can get an imprinting machine that will transfer that information onto that magnetic stripe on that car sock. You just purchase. So now, you have a full blown counterfeit clone card with someone else's identity on it. And this is nothing. New bag is been doing this forever is important that you as the fraud investigator in the fraud prevention expert, understand the potential impact of this kind of technology has on not just shoe, but other people so when you see card credit card. Fraud cases, come in Astle same kind of questions, I do sometimes too. I talked to people all the time. And they'd say their card was compromiser use that location that they never been to every heard of before in the same questions at the fraud investigators at the banks or credit card companies, do do you have your card in your possession. And sometimes they don't their purse or wallet was stolen this. And that's an easy one bad guy or any bad guy can get that card and goad basically any to any physical location and use that card, but if they still have their card in their possession in the car's been used somewhere else good chances been skim somewhere or their formation was stolen off the dark web or the internet that was posted for sale with their information to the highest bidder. But it's just good information to now. So just take some time educate yourself in. It's a little I opening when he go to the web, and you search for those type of products, how easy it is to get the right kind of quip -ment to still other people's information identity through ATM's or gas pumps. So what can you do? What can we do at least to stop this and slow it down? Again. It all starts with the weirdness and education. So whenever you go to eighteen machine wash for signs that AT may have been altered in any way. And again, it starts with that card slot. You know, does that ATM have parts that that just don't fit right? I mean are they crooked or they misplace or the kind of damage. I mean, we should really look at that. I mean, I know I do I'm always kind of paranoid about these things. But when you insert your card, especially at AT machine, for instance, that is a little bit more secluded. It's a little bit out of the way. It may be a stand alone ATM machine. That's, you know, at a sporting event or a concert is not part of a Bank or inside of a Bank wall on the outside or inside. So those would be things were make it easy for foster to install scheming device. But again, it's it may not always be that well installed, and it could be somewhat noticeable. If you look at it close enough in other words, again it. Could be crooked or sort of misplace or little off. So look look for those things in any size of potential tampering with that ATM machine. So sort of talked about this now, I would always recommend visiting when you need some money out of that ATM high-traffic or high profile ATM ATM's at are in areas that are high traffic in high lit areas, you know, in stores and lobbies and and shopping centers in the malls, you know, in and again, we're there's a lot of people around there. Definitely more safer than those standalone alone. I just folk about so member those bad guys, scammers wanna stay out of you. They wanna be invisible when they're installing these skimming devices. They don't want anybody to see that. So that's how they get away with this or able to do it usually in these secluded, standalone ATM machines or two gas stations. That are kind of secluded are easy targets was scammers to install these gaming devices. So they can collect your information. So now the. Simple one. You see the sometimes ATM's or at the gas pump. But cover your hand when you're entering your pin number. I know I do spend there's so many people around. Why wouldn't you do that? So that's a great safe safety tip there. You know, you should always do that. Even when you don't see anybody around. I mean who knows might be that little sneaky camera nearby logging in every stroke, you put on that keep pad for your pin number. You just wanna make sure you make it more difficult. So, you know, always be sure to to look around behind. You know, be be observant of your surroundings. I can't tell you. How many times I'm at the airport? Sometimes I'm at ATM machine. And there's so many people around me. I mean, I'm gonna cover my pin. My hand over the pin. Pad a look around make sure no one's trying to ease drop into what I'm trying to do, you know in personal information. So I went to secure their ability to see my pin that I'm entering into that machine. So again, be observed surroundings, you know, try to stand directly right there in front. Of the ATM, you know. And while you're using just kind of, you know, put your head on a swivel look around and make sure someone's looking over your shoulder. So this is some great tips. Remember, those things nothing to paranoid or too hard to do. But a great safeguard that you can use that you can pass along to other people if you're family, and or at work, so all this is about Ruina bad guys day. You know, what a good shat out to the United States secret service and conjunction with local law enforcement agencies here in Georgia. What a great bust putting these guys in jail for stealing your identity and still in our money. I mean, I can't tell you. This is a great way to start this podcast and really put a shout out about how important is to partner with your local law enforcement agency in other retailers in organizations to share this information. So bag is target somebody else. Hopefully, go back home to wherever they came from guys. Great shout out to everyone who's been sitting out in emails. And leaving voicemails of about their comments about the podcast. Thank you so much. It's been very inspirational and very positive really jazz about going forward to two thousand nineteen said last week last podcast. Some new stuff coming up. We're going to be interviewing fraud practitioners real flawed experts. Investigators directors of fraud, nor really certainly picking people's brains about how they run about guys how they collect this information. And how they really look at it in how they change your methodologies four investigating these crimes and really understanding and get the awareness out amongst our organization and others. So that we can work better together and partner to ruin a bag is day. Hey, hope you like the podcast if you did. Hey, go to Twitter at Ruina bad guys day Facebook at Ruina bad guys day in like us, really. Appreciate your comments and feedback and also bad guys. They radio is now on apple. I tunes were on YouTube in so on Stitcher. You're in tune in network. So that if you want to download those apps on your mobile device for free is a great way to listen to the podcast. Hey, everybody have great week. We'll talk to you soon and ruin a bad guys day. Thanks

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