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The country we'll tell you how one man made it out of the I. C. U. once you get into I see you you're in control of virtually nothing and how they're bracing for a possible onslaught in rural America there is a real fears if it were to get out of control here in West Virginia that we could lose a lot of our population all ahead on first after three weeks of staying inside trying to stop the spread of covert nineteen Americans were told this week this could be our lives until Memorial Day or even beyond into the summer millions are out of jobs others are working from home and others are working in hospitals doctors and nurses greeted with cheers every night at seven PM here in New York City the epicenter of the outbreak this year's might be here but the sentiment is all across America we are so grateful for those going to work trying to save the lives of others here's ABC's Kenneth Moton hospital workers on the front lines your full exhausted but vowing to fight what one doctor called the invisible risk that trails her worry that bring that I was home from work to my family doctor Michelle how is an anesthesiologist in Atlanta with elective surgeries on hold she's been given one of the most dangerous jobs at a hospital in debating coronavirus patients who can't breathe on their own Dr Alan Smith she recently updated her will and she's already living separately from her family I sleep separately from everyone else now in a room in the basement and I use a separate bathroom for everyone else I do all my laundry separately and I make sure that no one else handles it my kids are not allowed into my bedroom Sir more a nurse at Saint Paul Minnesota and a self proclaimed germaphobe says she did everything right and still tested positive for the virus I felt like I was hit by a truck it was something like I've never felt before in my life and it scared me doctors and nurses have become a critical link for families unable to visit the hospital they describe the emotional toll of being the last ones with dying patients their families can only say goodbye over video app online I just came from a patient's room he's actively dying positive diagnosis of COPD may nineteen and his family can become so face time in this family at there are growing death toll among the healthcare workers including neurosurgeon James good rich of New York he made medical history in twenty seventeen when he successfully separated conjoined twin boys during a twenty seven hour surgery if you don't have a health care crisis in your community please come help us in New York now in New York governor Andrew Cuomo is urging health care workers in other states to help New York face the overwhelming crush of patients as for doctor how she still trying to process the request from her husband who's also position asking her not to touch their kids that's hard to hear you know I understand what he's saying and I know why he's worried but how can you not help.

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