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Chattanooga CUMULUS Media Studies from ABC News. I'm Michelle Franzen its climate Day at the White House, those words from President Joe Biden, who says his policies will be focused on clean energy, job creation and hell, we're talking about the health of our families and cleaner water, cleaner air and Center communities. We're talking about National security American leading the world in a clean energy future, The president noted. The recent wildfires and extreme weather's that weather patterns that's ravaged parts of the country and world. The president says his executive orders he signed will help supercharge the nation's response and renew trust in science. He directed the interior secretary to pause leases for oil and natural gas on public lands and offshore and also a widespread review of policies. White House Covert 19 response team, also holding its first briefing earlier today, the hold that three times a week as the Biden administration ramps up its unified plan with states to vaccinate Americans. New CDC director Dr Will in Ski Rochelle Rolince. Key says the agency has updated guidance on the window of time that people can receive their second shots of the Madonna. And five other vaccines. Ideally, they should wait 3 to 4 weeks after each shot, But the CDC is that says the timeframe can slide. Some of those doses may be missed in the best time window. And in those rare circumstances, the second dose maybe given upto six weeks for 42 days after the first homeland security, raising the threat level over potential violence from domestic extremists, the last time the Department of Homeland Security issued a public alert like this was about a year ago, the U. S had just killed top Iranian general custom, so the money and feared retaliation this time the concern is domestic. The national terrorism Advisory warns supporters of extremist militia movements upset with the 2020 election results could incite or commit violence, Advisory said. These ideologically motivated violent extremists object to the presidential transition and have other grievances fueled by false narratives. ABC is Aaron Could Turkey you're listening to ABC News Times. It's supposed to be the time to.

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