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Colt Mccoy, Alex Smith, Washington Redskins discussed on WAOK Programming


Part of it. You talk about the mindset. I mean, you win it. And you know, a lot of teams are just looking at it and going we just gotta beat the defending champions next year. So you got that Exxon? Your chest. You know, everybody shooting for you. So you have to show up in a different way, but chemistry is so important in so many changes on this Philadelphia team. That's what I'm talking about. They haven't found themselves. I don't know who they are. And I think there because they're so different that chemistry is different in. They're still trying to find it. Well here come the Washington Redskins. They begin the season five and two. They spend a boatload money for quarterback Alex Smith who began the season like the team. Well, but now he's gone. The team is washed three or four Smith is gone for the seat. Season. And who knows how long a horrific injury. Now, they've got Colt McCoy and there in the playoff race right now. Well in talking to people in Washington, they're just saying that Colt McCoy needs to be more like Alex Smith. I mean, they were built to win with running the football Adrian Peterson's awesome form this year played good defense and don't make mistakes at quarterback. That's exactly who Alex Smith was. And that's how they were winning early in the year. And then we saw thanksgiving Colt McCoy comes out three turnovers. This team can't win having three turnovers. They are not built to be explosive at score a lot of points. So those have to be that has to be the formula for them to win so Colt has to be conservative. Make the plays are there to be made. But not try to do too much imagine Ross Tucker's on our sideline tonight. We're lucky enough to have him his third game in three days. We'll talk about that later on the broadcast. But Ross courteous, just talked about.

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Colt Mccoy, Alex Smith, Washington Redskins discussed on WAOK Programming

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