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Million new building permits in September, which was higher than expected, but out, pinned down 40 points about two hours into the trading day that that was down, 45 s and P is down to and the NASDAQ is down seven. The 10 year, Treasury is up one basis point yielding 10.0.8 percent or it was down a dollar. 40 40 $30 a barrel of gold is up. $17 at 1927 Announce in corporate news shares of snapper up over 30% after the company reported a surprise profit for his latest quarter. It was due to stronger than expected user growth as more people signed up during the pandemic, Disney said Updated California state guidelines will keep its digital and theme park shut down for the foreseeable future. Listen. Shares are currently down about 1% and AstraZeneca expects to resume his cove in 19 vaccine trial of the United States as soon as this week reporting from the Greenberg financial Group where your money matters. This is Dylan Greenberg on honesty. Just so you know, you can listen at home by telling Alexa play knsd on my heart radio. Yeah, enjoy.

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