Libya, Guanajuato, President Trump discussed on Red Eye Radio


Hundreds of black union army soldiers a founder the kkk why don't people just do the obvious thing get rid of the statues you would think there would be imminent under global there would be a bipartisan contempt the most competitive that they represent local center a symbol ago he'll be removed in in in libya debated visit memory going through a democratic profit i you know i think when you look at com it is an administration general either sort of a coalition of against everything alah or thing i think that's what you're seeing in the confederate that she debate that's just a guanajuato urban calling her reexamination of confederate era memorial and statues the after vehicles i don't believe in making the easy ones hardened the hard ones easy this is an easy one take the statues down and move on now the good news is the president met with his war cabinet they had a very comprehensive conversation it's gone on for six months he's reached decision and we don't know what it is the good news is nobody leaked yeah nobody league though you i i would imagine guilty from reporting grabbed day ordering the weekly standard it is reporting that foul play the president's going to call her a small increase in the number of crew in afghanistan crept up several thousand and it looks like the the mcmaster kelley mattis wing of the administration as as one out again but what was one of the of wing of this administration so uh the hawks are really offended uh go airplane policy more generally but in afghanistan donald trump was very critical o o of mcmaster would want wanted a way out in afghanistan in the looks like you you're going to recommit troops to.

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