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Oh no you know what he's a truck driver tudo. He probably a mountain of something like fishing. Go back to do you brandon. Just hold off man drop a couple of miles up. We're going out to mastermind. Supermax talked to me what guys i can't late but i caught the last. Maybe twenty pants have a very good interview man he after a lot of quick especially the white situation <hes> but i gotta agree with loman. Oh man <hes>. I think what he said was correct. Maybe maybe heard what reading newspaper clips so. I'm still around with him in the rematch but it i liked it that are toss it that you know. You don't really know who wins. That's what makes a sport exciting. <hes> and there's a lot of competition for but yeah matt just sat to the guy who i came in late but <hes> information about a lot of good information and i wish you would have dropped out the either the senate's you guys put in the work today. Hey keeping <hes> keeping drivers on the road. I love your working shot. You horsemen <hes> hopefully i'll do another shows are gonna have some <hes>. Some couldn't work after work man mccaw. Thanks for listening dan. That's crazy that means he listens every showed that if he knows going out to boomerang boxing what's dot com dumb his fish in sync with the third base. It was going no issue. Oh boy h. Money mr does oh the boxing voice two thousand nineteen rookie year and sharing her versus julia williams. The rematch is definitely a big fight. One of the biggest upsets in recent memory. Jerry harry was ranked ten pound for tau before he lost. Julia williams definitely dethrone them. I feel like ours landy laura. He gave us the blueprint on how you can be jerry heard. Jerry heard is definitely one dimensional. He comes straightforward. No we had movement no defense at all and he's definitely killing himself to make more fifty four. I've got julia williams dominating him once again this time by knockout gerry how're won't make it through the all fight and dumb definitely julie williamson should be considered for fighter of the year with two wins over jared hurt. You could just mark it down. Julia williams l. out classism once again. You know what i'm saying is shot out the julia joy williams my muslim brother man who so you could come back from the loss in continue to be a great fighter shot also show man. We are here my new tampa power. I i.

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