Stephen Ross, Jason Taylor, Dodgers discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Hour 3: Stugotz's Weekend Observations


In which he thanked stephen ross for allowing him there's still a lot of money from the dolphins unlike jason taylor it won't be a hall of fame speech kirk cousins discussing why he does it want a longterm contract some gibberish of at a foundation of saying that is shifting at it's that a healthy way to live kirk do me a favor knock it off with the philosophy crap just play some football jeez your ear cousin mediocre league mediocre liquidations of sayings dug about dodgers best team in the history of major league baseball all is quiet in riley ville and you know what that means it means kyrie irving don't wanna read between the lines here and try to read body language but i'm pretty certain jimmy johnson wanted to strangle jerry jones how is there a hall of fame that has jerry jones in it and not jimmy johnson i'm reporting this exclusively with jason taylor said miami dolphins fans are the best bands in the nfl he did it mean it showtime willie read jailtime willie read that jeon carlos stanton cadre echoed up there that giancarlo standing contract is starting to work better and better as he smashing have you seen him since the all star break he's up to like thirty seven homers the guy's amazing is better than freddie freeman this season is he better than pretty for him because he hits a ton of home runs but his ops is better than pretty firm and i'm sorry itera or odd.

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