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Tips to track down the writers and federal authorities warned there could be more threats ahead on FBI bulletin alerting law enforcement across Ask the U. S. That armed protests are being planned at all. 50 State capitols through Inauguration Day. So what about Boston At the State house? There is stepped up Police presence. No boarding of the windows we've heard from the FBI Boston Division. They say they are not in possession of any intelligence indicating any planned armed protest at the four state capitals in their jurisdiction. That means Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. We also heard from Massachusetts State police who say they are aware of general statements of threats, however, no specific threats to public safety in the Commonwealth. By the way. Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, which is the agency in charge of security for the upcoming inauguration, suddenly resigned last night. On the marble steps of the Rhode Island State House, a new Supreme Court justices worn in Judge Melissa Long becoming the first black justice on the road island. Supreme Court dentists, vets and pharmacists you're needed. We'll tell you why Right now. Traffic and weather together. 12 33 back to Kevin Brennan with a Subaru retailers of New England All will drive traffic on the threes. Good afternoon. Good afternoon there, Laurie, once again south of town, our toughest ride on 24 South bound your law. Locked up for about a mile approaching These left lane guard rail crews here at 1 39 in student. More brake lights down in west Bridgewater, 24. South bound now approaching the right lane closure after Route one of six and West Bridgewater before Ruwan 04 cleanup continues there from an earlier car fire that we had. If you're heading north, bound on route, 24 more delays here and student about a two mile backup. In the left lane workers after Rou won 39 heading into that, Randolph stretch that Ruth three North bound, you're on the breaks from the Bergen Parkway here in Braintree, getting into that right lane road work on the ramp to 93 South. If you're getting out of the expressway North bound once you get on the expressway north down, you're looking pretty good. All the way up to the tunnel South bounds. A nice ride from Boston, right down to the Braintree split, seeing delays here in Revere Route one north bounds tied up into the right lane work after Route 60 in Revere..

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