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Year. He threatened the counselors who kicked him out of a residential treatment program. KCBS gentleman spoke with some experts about new information. The San Francisco, Chronicle obtained newly released records about last year shooting at the veteran's home in yawn, vill show that the perpetrator a former client of the pathway home program had talked about killing employees. When everybody looks back, they found this guy made threats, he told his friends, Michelle Licht is an attorney for mental health care providers and says, in general, they could benefit from more training in threat assessment and more support when they act on it, and how do we protect them? Sometimes they are rightfully afraid to call the police because it will put them in their family danger. It's easy for the perpetrators to figure out why the police paid a visit to them, therapist, and consultant to therapists, Rene, Lonner, joins licked and calling for better training would shows. Us. The first thing is the principal among predecessor professionals in it's been the principal for decades. Is that violence almost never comes out of the blue almost never gentlemen, KCBS, and man suspected of exposing himself to students outside Taylor middle school in mill Bray may be connected to similar inappropriate behavior on the upper peninsula, KCBS, marquee Schaefer reports police are making progress on the case center asking for the public's help this week near Taylor middle school. A man masturbated is two girls walk nearby. They ran away and reported a similar situation. Occurred may fifth in mill Bray and also involved two young girls who were riding their bikes in a neighborhood. And in that particular incident, he pulled over to the side of the road, actually got out of his car and was acting inappropriately, and the girls enough situation did a same exact thing. They ran to an adult that amateur sheriff detective Rosemary blanks. Wade the sheriff's office has released a suspect sketch of a black, or Hispanic man in his twenties, or thirties, thin build five foot eight or nine with facial hair across the jaw line. The car is amid two. Thousands Toyota or Honda silver with tinted windows in the back a spoiler and a sunroof the belief that there might be other similar incidents in other cities and surrounding areas. Anyone with information or surveillance video is asked to contact the San Mateo county sheriff's office in Redwood City market Schaefer, KCBS group of public and private water systems in California have launched a campaign aimed at convincing lawmakers to shield them from having to pay damages caused by fires that they didn't start but did fail to help put out while fire lawsuits, have typically targeted electric utilities, and they're down power lines that ignite the blaze, but some recent lawsuits have also focused on the public water systems that are supposed to provide water to fight the flames on lawsuit stemming from a two thousand eight fire force, the Yorba, Linda water district may seventy million dollars to twelve homeowners. It didn't start the fire, but a pump station was damaged and unable to get water to a neighborhood. KCBS news time twelve one twenty will workers who feel stress on the job. Can now get some validation for those feelings the World Health Organization now recognizes work burn out us something real in calls an occupational phenomenon symptoms include feelings of exhaustion cynicism about the workplace in difficulty actually doing the job. Dr David Spiegel is the director of the center on stress and health at the Stanford University school of medicine. What they call a syndrome, so, but they are saying it exists, and I think it's a way of saying, take it seriously. One study suggested that there are nine million people in Germany, with job related burnout, man, so more and more companies are setting up programs wellness programs to help people manage the work related stress symptoms include being tired down and not getting the joy that you used to out of work. Well, pediatric endocrinologist, says teen addiction of video games is affecting their brain development, KCBS, Mike HOGAN says the World Health Organization recently recognized gaming disorder as a mental health condition Scheffer, pediatrics Robert lusty said playing video games, gives one dopamine high, but it also kills brain cell neurons once those neurons have died, they're not coming back. And that's one of the reasons why addiction is so hard to treat. Because now your ability to generate a dope min responses now inhibited, it's been attenuated, because you've loss. Those neurons. Eighteen year old park land shooting survivor Cameron Caskey who's attending a Silicon Valley conference said teens like playing video games because it makes them feel like a winner when I defeat somebody in a video game I feel a victory over them the way I would if I defeated them in sports, if defeated them in an intellectual conversation and people really connect with that Jim stiers CEO of San Francisco based common sense, media, said, video games should carry warning labels. It's incumbent upon the industry to educate their users about the potential downsides the video game industry. So there isn't enough evidence to justify the mental disorder. Classification, mike. Colgan KCBS..

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