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Narconon to lock zone are the same thing who's nude who what's going on here i don't like the story i guess what happens in new orleans doesn't stay there especially when there's evidence navy captain lofton thornton was relieved of his duties on march twentieth four quote loss of trust and confidence after he was caught on video in new orleans having some relations with a woman at a pub down in new orleans so he was outside he's the chaplain yes sir awhile the navy navy chaplain got caught up with a broad in bar out front near some picnic tables so it was like the patio area of the bar out front just going town somebody taped it now yeah now he's been relieved of his duties he's supposed to be a spiritual person leading people away from this kind of behavior i hate that somebody lost their job because they were getting busy but you know what military or not if this were one of us and we got busted over by tiki bob's taking care of business with me from georgia street at we'd probably get fired too another.

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