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Radar did have a little passing shower over portions of date. Land mall words 80 degrees right now. It's also 80 almost 80 in sunrise. 601 to people in their fifties among the latest to succumb to the Corona virus in Miami Dade County alone. The Florida Department of Health announcing yesterday nine deaths in the county, including that of a 50, year old woman in a 54 year old man, Palm Beach County had six more deaths statewide. 66 deaths almost 4300 new cases and the positivity rate for the fourth straight day going up. A 6.3% Bethune Cookman University is canceling all sports for the 2020 2021 School Year University, announcing that it's not going to play any sports this year due to a surgeon covet 19 spike across much the country school president Dr LeBron Crites said in statement that the move is out of an abundance of caution. And that the health and safety of student athletes and staff will always be the top priority. The school is currently on lock down after a 15 students tested positive for covert 19 between October 16th and the 21st Bethune Cookman is scheduled to move to the Southwestern Athletic Conference next year. The Florida football programs dealing with more positive covert 19 tests as well. Multiple reports say the Gators have six new positives in the past week, bringing the total number of football players to 37 since the start of October. This comes after ninth rank Florida returned to practice just Monday after an AL break caused a program to shut down for two weeks. The two and one Gators are scheduled to host Missouri this Saturday. And the baseball season's over the Dodgers or champions, taking the World Series with a 3 to 1 victory win in Game six over Tampa Bay Rays starter Blake Snell gave up just one run in two hits through five and two thirds innings before being pulled by manager Kevin Cash. I came to decision I felt it was best after the guy got on base. Barnes at the single didn't want Monkey See and Monkey or Seger seeing Blake Ah, third time. Mookie Betts, scoring the go ahead run in that sixth inning later homered for the Dodgers won their first championship since 1988 now Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was pulled from the game after it was announced that he Tested positive for covert 19 as well. It is sick. So foreign President Trump announcing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding up covered 19 relief and additional stimulus checks for American people. Speaking with reporters, the president once again stated that Pelosi is only interested in bailing out Democrat run states. Pelosi.

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