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We have what we thinking. You know what my people told me to get you a juice? And I was like she wants juice. I'll sparkling flavored water. I thought they're just saying guess she's pregnant, so maybe get a juice, I should have got you do so upset about it. I'm really embarrassed. You're forgiven for not picking up your. Our even okay? Okay. We'll call it even favorite way to unwind after a long day. It would have been back before I got pregnant doing hot yoga and taking bath. But now it's kind of a friend of both of them because I'm a paranoid freak me pregnant, I just like more than most people like a lot of women do hot yoga and a lot of bass. But I just scares you, but a bass beam pregnant, it's just like the temperature Vegas too hot like it. They say can like, oh, do something. Yeah. With the baby. Okay. I would be paranoid about that, too. I think I'm going to be a paranoid pregnant lady, I am, and it's so annoying. Okay. You're just being safe and loving your little human. No. But I've got to learn how to render it over your second one you'll be much. I know that's what I know I have to have to because if I have one I'll try to bubble rapper. Yeah. You know, I mean literally I hear you. I feel like I was that way about a dog. He's gonna be the same way favorite adult beverage when you're not pregnant, I don't like just love. Drink drink. I like to drink like fancy cocktails. I I wanna craft crock tail. Yeah. I'll do of wind. Yeah. Or like an IV draft beer. That's sort of light light, Hoppy. Oh, and like the flavor like peach. Oh, I haven't craving like a peach IV draft beer. Have you ever had sour beer? I think so. I don't love a heavy sour. Maybe baby like. Love sour beer. Your favorite quote or motto. Okay. I love be yourself. Everyone else has taken. I also love and God didn't bring me this far to leave me and. Quotes all over my house by. I think it's Helen Keller live. Is either a great adventure or nothing at all? And I love that. Oh, yeah. And I love the four agreements. We have that written on our hor, which is always do your best. Don't take anything. I don't take anything personal. Don't make sumptious. Most of do the right thing. It's like be OB. Intention like be something with your word. Oh, but yes, it's always like. Yeah. Like dang. That's gonna bug me. I know everyone at home that knows the book. It's on. Right. We have it written on a chalkboard. And I look at it every day and it's like I'll be impeccable with your word the impeccable with your word. I really liked that one. I try and think about that. A lot one of my girlfriends really helped me through that in my twenties. I was not impeccable with my word, I would just say, what people wanted me to say, and I would tell her I was going to be somewhere and I wouldn't and edge and choose, like this is something very important in life, like it should be a life skill and like something you practice every day is to be impeccable with your word. So I read that book, I was like shadow to just Kanoute. Newt's news. What up near? That's funny. Favorite date, nightspot or activity..

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