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Open, or on courses where woods already has one. He's got the muscle and mental memory so lookout NPR sports. Correspondent Tom Goldman. Thanks, tom. Welcome. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm David green. And I'm Steve Inskeep. And you're listening to morning edition on KCRW. Now this from Casey audible, you news. It's one of those ceremonial acts of city council to pay Amish to a special someone from the neighborhood and south Angeles assigned was soon be going up at the intersection of wealth and new and Crenshaw boulevard to be renamed and Maria's nipsy hustle exit. Don KCRW, Steve Chia takers reports. Some in the neighborhood say it's a hollow offer in at the moment, someone shot and killed hustle outside his clothing store near that newly named intersection. Yeah. Artists and landscape designer Anton Smith urge the city council to vote. Yes. It is a neighborhood that hustle and Smith themselves, and countless others have been trying to rehabilitate, but Smith says the city has to do more for south LA and just put up some blue signs within that intersection. I know of. Three murders that have happened. At that intersection. I'm sure there are many more Smith is working on the destination Crenshaw, outdoor art and culture project. That hustle was trying to help build your Lamar park in the Crenshaw metro station not far away from where hustle was gunned down LAPD chief Michael Moore says he can add more cops to the area. But the people trying to improve it are essential to ensure success. We needed those coalitions, those faith leaders, those those members of the public that are working to be peacemakers in our communities. We need them to step forward violent crime in the area is a frustration. Even mayor Eric are said, he has lamented saying bucks a trend of lower crime in the rest of the city. He says he's open to all ideas to make the area safer for KCRW. Steve tickets twenty nine ROY Rick junior is charged in hustles Mirdha police say the modem may calm after back and forth with both men outside hustles marathon clothing store. Time is three fifty one this KCRW. We can expect flight cancellations well into the summer. Marketplace morning report is supported by constant contact their automation features like customers automatically send welcome in birthday emails as well as auto responders when users taken action. Learn more at constant contact dot com. In New York. I'm Sabrina short in for David Brancaccio. Who's on assignment, American Airlines and southwest are extending flight cancellations into August. These are flights that would have been on Boeing seven thirty seven max jets. This adds.

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