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Eh? Got you. Thank you for the growl. Thank you for the growl Momo's here. OJ Jackson juniors here. I literally stepped off a plane at five thirty this morning. Five thirty. We were delayed 'cause Lona some New England fan Barth at the back of the plane. So we had to wait an extra hour while the has Matt team went up to clean up this patriots fan. Yeah. Yeah. So not only did you have to listen to those people those people that about. In the stand the entire game, smug smog. Aw. Laws mug that is a group. Right. There is a rumour patriots fans or cardinals fans patriots pagers fan by because here's the thing. I you know, I said this. Last night to somebody on tax. I said, you know, we just played the Red Sox in the World Series. Right. Red Sox fans. No, it doesn't happen. Every year. Red Sox fans don't believe it is a birthright that they win the World Series every year, there is some humility there. And there's also something quaint and charming about Red Sox fans, and they're sweet Caroline bump on on. All that stuff. In the case of patriots fans. I heard patriots fans afterwards at the airport bitch, the taster scored more points. I'm like take the wind do though Lynn, but I gotta love that a little bit as Allegra fan. I'm a little entitled I'm supposed to be here. Little warriors fans right now, they're like, oh Cleveland would have given us a better series. Really expected more from play in game. Six start take the win and shot up. So the entire experience was you know, it was not everybody gets to do what I did. Get on a plane, go thirty five hours and a city across the country high rolling to at the Holiday Inn Holiday Inn, express exa-. It's the Holiday Inn express. And by the way, an excellent breakfast. At the Holiday Inn express, you know, they lay out a good spread warning suppose you wake up at those places and feel better about yourself. The make you feel at home. Yeah. They they made me feel satisfied that I didn't spend a thousand bucks at the Omni downtown, the Omni's luck eighty nine for the holiday and express I can live with, but you know. I sent out an Instagram video last night where I was just really in a bad mood. Sad Marta station and get ready to go to the airport, and I just left our boss got McCarthy who is literally in tears. I mean, he was so sad. He was in tears, his his wife Kari in tears. I was I sucked it up. I was. Okay. Okay. So I have a couple. I thought about what we're gonna talk about today. I actually do think about things sometimes good instead of just show up here. Right. And because you told me we have to carry you going to have to carry me for the next three hours. Yes, there's a couple of weeks. We can go with this. We can just live in the world of hatred. We can just focus on. Patriots fans, and I channel some of my tuck rule. I still hate. I still hate still get upset about that tuck role. You're still still say rightfully so been what twenty five years the raiders twenty five years last time. That's literally the last one in. Yeah. They'd one of there. Yeah. But but I can get there with you. Go and focus on hating other people to help us feel better or we can focus on. We can hate the Rams for having like the worst game Rams offense. We can the Rams off the ranch defense. But we can we can just pile on and get mad at Sean McVay Jared Goff. And like, honestly, if I don't get a press release in the next two days saying girly had surgery on his okay, then I'm really upset. Chilies? What's gonna what's going to help you get over? This more hating the patriots or hating. The Rams one not gonna hate the rain. The performance. I thought the performance was just terrible..

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