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For. The United States of America the parts of. The United States should not refer says the of. The people his own daughter. Acknowledges that all I'm asking you to do Sarah is to acknowledge that right now in right here I appreciate your passion I share it. I've addressed, this question address my personal feelings I'm here to. Speak on behalf of the president he's made his comments clear now. That was yesterday since then, the president has tweeted Ivanka was right when she said the press is not. The enemy. Of the people he said the fake news is the enemy of the people I'm not sure that's what I make Mr. Kosta fill. Any better by the way has said maybe we ought? To go out and just chant We're not the enemy of. The people we're not. The enemy of the people, I'm going to have that for you later on Trayvon, Martin's parents say that race relations have regressed. Under Trump really a woman rammed her. Car into another car because the other. Car the offending car had a Trump bumper sticker And rand Paul, says he's. Going to support judge Cavanaugh although he's got some concerns about the fourth amendment and GOP Orrin Hatch had some colorful words for those who are not going to support Brad. Kavanagh all of that coming up and my brother will be giving away a my pillow next hour more on that in due course me say something really quickly about relief factor here's what Allen said been in back my early twenties now I'm fifty one, in my early twenty s I worked for The state prison I got injured off work for about a year I'm now train engineer. Basically sit all day. Long my wife making me take, relief factor literally changed my life don't feel like I'm twenty again but my back does eighty percent, of the. People.

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