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Won like two years and he brought in your family there we already talked about this is over but he losing that fight because of the pressure from his family i'm like because i've seen him fight in the gym like two hours straight just stop doing around then he was in the final my he looks off he lives off those the pressure asher from that but for her to win in her hometown with entire country watching her that was pretty impressive see sometime dominate like that to you sometimes being at home it's not like people always say you need home field advantage but it's not always an advantage because when you're at home you feel so much pressure on you when you're away it's like okay like nobody likes me i'm going to go to stay focused even prove them wrong that's important he feels rio or mexico or something knocked the guy out and then the whole crowd booing him he in care about those not always an advantage but her case especially in fighting i feel like i mean how can you really say like because they fought in abu dhabi right yeah everyone was saying oh could be he's got an advantage commute got advantage but i mean how when you close that octagon it's the same shit as it would be it was in the neighborhood in fuck in minnesota you know it's like no matter where it is pro you so you line up and you you touched gloves it doesn't matter where it's at is going to be the same he's he's from there is he he's from russia from russia that's that's another interest if i'm waiting for max to make his reappearance appearance he lost his last which was bigger in that fight like dustin looks like way bigger than i think he just needs to stay in the division paxos obviously elon's record yeah but i don't count isn't no like i'm a huge max holloway yeah i don't miss it like if you look at like all the build up to the first of augustine augustine looked like way bigger dustin is just like longer using but we'll see what when they came in there in the same weight class and dustin couldn't really defined niche in the one i think one forty five so i went up to fifty five and he's been great he found his niche fifty five in max salloway is the best featherweight of all time there max he doesn't have like he's one of my favorite writers time but he doesn't that knockout power like did you see the ortega and i'm fighting here that was that was another good really good fight to that was a dominant fight that was one of the most dominant ever seen like i've never seen someone literally just pick and choose what he was going to do throughout the whole fight and he could've ended that fight earlier but he was like nah he's like you know let's just keep going but yeah we just know about artega he take take a punt healthshare heavy hidden like twelve peace jose house he's and he's gone dude ortega's young wrestling he's got a bright future hundred do the holloway has your so he so good man it's like his punches i he's the best boxer one of the best boxers i've seen in US history he's my favorite like you're not even like a boxing lt comes from a boxing background i think he's like ju just he just transformed into everything even his wrestling all around silence silence pretty he's a he's a he's kind of a showboat to which i like yeah he's like silly we've seen this kid he's so funny but yeah waiting for his wife who's he's gonna who's going i don't know dude i think his last fight was against frankie knows knows destined right no frankie who did frankie edgar despite i think i wanna say it was max holloway like i'm almost positive max holloway look that up but i don't know oh he he so dominant it's like the john jones situation for example he just for santiago or whatever his name eighty him i feel like i mean gene he kinda tour everything in his leg and went five rounds with them still so i mean santos i saw his last fight was against frankie edgar doco he beat on on that yeah it was a unanimous decision five rounds i'll know i remember that was july twenty seventh it wasn't like a huge you know what what i'm saying i mean the most you might not have been yeah it was frankie's like you know this is his one of his last chances and if he doesn't do now he's he's done for you but i think he should be done is he done now he should be you know he's been a champion it having things all of famer would you have to prove it's just the only thing is emmy is competitor i couldn't leave on a loss so i you have to find your fight get the win and then retire you know but some people are losing retiring it's not for everybody even what's her name yeah i was so mad when she retired she's at not bantamweight ballots were now cyborg cyborg in she designed the biggest contract contract ever yeah well female contract rebel tour yeah so we'll have have you seen how she cuts wait always ridiculous it's scary it's really i will never never do that she's like she's like she goes through a lot of pain yeah that should not even that i like like we'll be scared to do i wouldn't be able to take because we're talking about one of the techniques she does is representing like like thirty blankets desist in a hot room the room is like ninety degrees he's while she's in all these blankets wrapped up and she sweats it out does that like ours long she now like an hour or forty four forty five crazy shit like that it's ridiculous and then she'll i do that like six times a night so she'll wrap up get out getting ice bath for another hour fifteen minutes to cool off and then get right back in there and cut way it was insane nobody else has ever even been able to i wouldn't be at it's how you see i i was never on the cyborg train like that everyone ruined was and i've always been on the news not really i'm not on i can't get on the news on my god dude how like okay i keep bringing up this this is the second time about this but the shevchenko valentina shevchenko and man nunez yeah i don't know what it is but they the judges had to read that like if you wash the fight she totally laws only cut that valentino head on her entire body not even just like saying cuts all significant strikes for better stuff like that she had one car on her shin kick in nunez in the in the teeth right that's how bad the dominated entirely by and then they gave it to her and i was watching mandarin as like fights before and i'm like she's just not that she is lucky 'cause she's a great striker but we'll know number one she was very young to she went she be who everyone thought was the greatest fighter of all time ronda rousey in under a minute and then went on i forget who she after that she eventually who everyone was saying chris cyborgs the scariest woman on the planet knocked her out in the first round and then knocked out highly home he beat ronda rousey with a head kick which is highly homes seen issue that's her signature move nunez one how can you it's it's so hard not to say that she's the goat like she's a double champ she defends her titles every time with knockouts you know it's never like oh she looks bad wait wait wait what is the what is other belt for because i'm not sure bent is for women it's only battling in charlotte or is that flyweight too i think there's a flyway to well i i know we'll see i know she has two boats that's the thing i know she has to belts i don't know i'm not sure about i don't really aren't that much i got to look into it i'll look i'll look at both women and men in equality but i don't know what the other bell see i mean i don't even really watch m- i mean i only watch big names you know like i know a lot of people were like dude there's a lot of good and on the undercard yeah erin pico he was not really named for a while and then got knocked right terrible i don't really care to see shit like that you know it's like okay it's understandable whoa whoa whoa i mean if i see him then they'll be on the main card but if they're not i'm not about the waste my time to watch these guys fight yeah just invest you invest yourself probably not i'm gonna you know and i and i already had my fighters you know it's like i mean sometimes a new fighter comes along and you can't help but you know be a fan but it's like i gotta stay to my roots i gotta stay to mack's highway tyron woodley tire that no so sad very disappointed that was probably one of the worst worse fights ever we're talking about the same news marie yeah yeah he's not they gotta run that back i feel like dude i'm i don't buy though he said aw sea noah tyron say he said it was like he was in a dream you know those dreams for you fight your punching but it just doesn't connect any you know yeah i heard him say damn that's what he was saying he was like it was like a bad dream and i just couldn't get out of it and he was like you know he was making excuses but that's not an excuse because uis men if you watch the press conference tyron was saying like all this shit like oh you're going to see i'm going to have the bell newsman was just like i'm waiting i'm ready you'll see and then ran through like it was nothing i've never seen xena champion gin dominated that way reverend it wasn't a standard for obviously it was around the whole time basically yeah they had to stood up i feel like tyrone would've won but even then when he was pulling in some areas knocked out a couple of times that i saw in tehran tehran's had a lot of like lucky wins that he connected with robbie he just through a a prayer up in on the tip of yeah yeah against wonderboy twice he be wonderboy twice both fights fights were great fights you could i don't know i remember seeing the second diverse yeah the first one was you can even say wonderboy at one time but i don't like when they do run back a lot like ninety is connor mcgregor like you've tomorrow that what is it the four five they're going to do third there if they're gonna do they should have did that years and years ago and then please i don't know if you know somebody help me understand how the rankings work because conor mcgregor has lost his last four work well three fights in the AFC i think and then he lost against mayweather evokes images obviously separate from the cpa he's like number six ranking somehow and the rank ranking yet i don't understand so i'm i don't know if they're doing popularity or probably yeah pound for they see because i do can you name a lot of fighters who you think are better than conor mcgregor i can go i can go easy john jones could be max max that but that's a tossup because maximum connor is a step a good fight conor beat mex the first time we start right right but i'm saying.

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