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Trip, and is all tourist trips international and domestic was summit like eleven bucks American and I. Think our international figure was something like I. Think it was just a thirty dollars, hip it's nothing but airlines are not willing to support having that put in place and that really is a challenge and obviously we have a situation a moment in which the airlines have being bailed out. and. Most countries not putting in green conditions on those bailouts course not going back to compensation. That's why I'm just thinking eventually it'll go back to business as usual. So you've talked about carbon offsets how big a fan are you know there's some controversy about whether they're really useful or not I always say that probably nothing. On I think the the transition obviously, you want people to travel fast and Saifi less but I think as of having people being conscious about the impact. I think it's valuable. I think that you can have some schemes which are very good and can help reduce emissions. So hosted the causing of the scheme is important, but they should be seen as pundit of transition the necessarily end in itself. But I think they should be part of the transition. The other things we're talking about today, there's a bundle of things out there that we should be using and they billeted application will change complacent place in situate- situation. But I think they have to be part of the equation at least for the next twenty thirty years because it gets back to the issue of. How do you believe your energy? Anyway so you had those kinds of questions but part of the transition I think that pretty important actually. Michael I wanted to ask I read an article awhile back about. Concept of carbon trading and I guess it kind of relates to offsetting emissions..

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