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Where he sees the news nothing good so mary waited on the porch while ross went into the parlor he found iena and llinas bodies in the bedroom in a guest bedroom on the bed the ross at that point and that's on the first floor on the first floor yeah so ross at this point calls to mary and says pay go get hank horton he was kind of like the police chief used the the primary peace officer of the town at the time bear the shomar schartau watch runaway iraq audio some some something some the person in charge basically we were those those words you've gotta do drove also we'll see what happens is you know ross minds bodies so ps you know either goes back out or cost mary and says go get hank and then ross waves from all the reporting i can see waits until hank shows up and either mary called her there's not the details are not clear here on how hank got saw their yes she went and ran to get him or she called or what but he was somehow summoned from europe i'm gonna guess was phone call either because i would guess that as well but i dunno where hank well i mean maybe hank lived to doors down and so she was like mary scan down report anyway hank gets back tank and mary and ross all go in to the house and upstairs they find the entire more family had also been bludgeoned to death i didn't say that i wanna an llinas bodies showed signs being bunge death but there you go early been bludgeoned to death and as had the entire more family go up here with their virtual worlds or we could pick up the covers over brutes.

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