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No good news no promise of any hope just a promise of destruction no explanation of why they're being destroyed no instructions to them about how to avoid it. He didn't even try to go to the king. He just walks out into the street and issues this terse grumpy threat and only says it wants you got forty days. None of now. This too is satirical. Because if you've ever read any other book of any other profit you know that brevity is not their spiritual gift. They don't say anything and eight words there preachers after all it takes them four words to announce that they're about to say something thus says the lord that's what they're constantly announcing just just they they say words before they even begin to say anything else. But here jonah. The prophet whose first instinct is to flee from god. The prophet whose vocation is supposed to be preaching can only muster eight words for an assignment that he clearly detests as a young officer in the navy. I thought i knew everything that is one of the curses of being young sometimes and i certainly thought that i knew how to do my job better than my boss did or at least that was my attitude. Most of the time. My first boss in the navy was great. He was smart. He was really good at his job. He had been an admiral's chief of staff just before he got orders to our ship. Which is a very big deal. He and i ended up becoming great friends and he taught me a lot about leadership and management from time to time like all bosses. He would micromanage me or give me an assignment that i that i didn't want to do and i'd pull the jona on him when he did that now. I'm not talking the chapter one running away jona because a little like god the navy will eventually find you and running away from the navy. Get you thrown in. The brig wasn't going to do that instead when my boss told me. Something told me to do something that i did not want to do. I'd pull chapter three jona on him. Doing the absolute bare minimum. Exactly the way. He told me with not a bit more effort or thought and he had a great phrase for this kind of behavior which he immediately recognized assuming because he had done the same thing once himself. It's also the type of thing that joanna does in chapter three of our story. He called it malicious obedience. The humor that irony the satire of chapter three of jonas story as that his malicious obedience his grumpy eight word oracle yelled out a single time in the middle of the city. Well it succeeds spectacularly..

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