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When they told him they would leave after they were done during repairs jorges hove a took matters into his own hands grabbed a gun and started shooting hor hey ho very of high la get off my long get out my driveway dateline daytona beach florida at the town oh pretty well the headline is man steals boat last thing he can remember is drinking four loko's daytona beach police department said discovered a missing boat after spotting to a burglar ran vandalism reference references actually video of just giant boat just sitting on the beach i mean run aground as they say was like a blockade runner will the help of a lawyer officer these to search the boatyard when they received a call from the florida fish and wildlife sociation that a thirty six foot vessel named the epl gene was beach just north of silver book of silver beach they searched the epl gene and they went back and look video sala video of ethyl gene being driven out of the marina they collected evidence for the boat including a pair of tan shorts that contained a wall in a cell phone or driver's license was found in the want and confirm the suspect's identity is jonathan race they tracked down jonathan race and he said he blacked out he does not remember stealing any boat the last thing he remember was going to a service station across the street from the marina and drink in.

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