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Thank you harder than perhaps MIT to actually study of the effects of CD and Canada's medical CB antennas on treating various symptoms what's with this needs actual hard evidence over a longitudinal study of the effectiveness of this but certainly we've heard anecdotally there are many many people who are getting relief from Canada so he simply didn't get from other pharmaceuticals so the anecdotal evidence is there I want a few scientific evidence I think it will do nothing except help me in this regard do you have other concerns that if it's not proven or if it's just proven that people will just control the whole brand out and think about snake oil on this is whatever well no I don't think so because it's proven I think people will still use that and I use the analogy of vitamins the vitamin industry is huge people take vitamins even though there's no evidence I've never seen any evidence that vitamins actually help every study you see said it's either impossible to determine or they don't do anything but the vitamin market is still strong because people believe it and for all we know it may be helping people and if they think it's helping them to continue doing it I think what this will do is actually give you know structure and some verification to what we're hearing anecdotally so I think it'll be it'll be helpful for the general public and for the industry right so the placebo effect is still in effect as a matter so Jim anything that that's on the horizon the excited about that we should be looking out for well I'm certainly excited about the delivery service is hopefully coming online the cannabis control commission allowing delivery even if it's you know with this things like body cameras for the reason that that's a that's a that's a type of license that we're gonna see social equity applicants be able to apply for and pay for because it doesn't require a whole lot of capital so that's that's one thing I'm excited about certainly I think I will help the whole you know I fear for his social equity applicants and I think it'll be interesting to see this test pilot project for only a on site consumption facility you know side got cannabis cafe if you well yeah you know we really have to take a look at that and hopefully make the determination that this is really no different than somebody going in and getting a drink at a bar or restaurant I think you know if it's if it's handled appropriately which I think it will be and I think everybody the cannabis control commission that local officials going to take probably a very cautious in a very responsible approach on this as will the operators and I think that will help again drive down the state law that you don't still sore hovering above this industry is so interesting that is even get it you've got that I'm surrounded I mention this every episode I'm surrounded by my friends who are having were we're all having you know Bourbon on the rocks here you know in my living room and then they go sneak out back behind the sum treaties a fifty five year old people to to us smoke weed made him understand why we're also afraid so funny one thing you know I came into this I'm not you frankly you know I do last time I tried you know of any time was when I was a freshman in college and a long time ago but I am a policy guy and when I found out how many people actually use this people are you know that I know and I'm thinking you and where you want it people people you know the Baker Charlie Baker who oppose this is you know but his own administration says that nearly twenty percent of over twenty percent amounts relatives are users of Canada's most of them you know responsible use and this is really just saying look you know let's look at a market that has been utterly dominated by you know I'm license and you know some case criminal business people and letter finally realized that provision has failed the let's take the right approach to what regulated taxes just like we do with alcohol tobacco and and pharmaceuticals I think it's the right way to go and we're seeing nothing but frankly I think positive developments out of this absolutely in this is we're speaking the gym Barzani we let him go now but remember he is the man who had the faith in the in the dream of legalization many of us were laughing you then Jim we know what happened but but it is come to fruition you're absolutely right about that so much of the stuff in thanks.

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