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It was just a spectacle and I gave a speech that fourth of July and the next day in the newspapers they made it all about partisan politics when all I spoke about was George Washington and our founding and we haven't been to a fourth of July celebration really since to change our tradition has been lost I spoke here last night said turning for USA and I was amazed at how many people just don't know our history and this is a well educated group but I see it all the time they don't know our history at all our history has been taken from us so I am really happy to announce that and I truly believe in miracles because of miracles that have happened in the last few weeks I can announce today that this July fourth independence day weekend it will happen between the third fourth and fifth in Gettysburg Pennsylvania we are restoring the covenant it's a three day event that will be able to cover really everything history you're gonna learn more about history and fun in different ways we're going to start with the Shabbat meal it's going to be hosted by several people that you know I can't wait to tell you who's all involved in this then there's going to be break out sessions in different speakers and a fireworks show done in my way I am designing and we're orchestrating all brand new music and it's going to be music spoken word artifacts history as we painted in the sky and then Sunday morning will have a Sunday service outdoors now.

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