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We went down through, uh, through your turf went down through Pueblo. You go through also go through. Toler's went through all Samberg and worked our way up that way, And then, on the way back, we went to saliva and then came down to Canyon City and like I've never done much of that type of thing before you know, like saliva. Downtown saliva is pretty cool when the Arkansas River comes and they have a they have a bridge, and they have a place called the Boathouse. It's very It's kind of cool their downtown areas anyway. And then and then we came back and I went with it went through, uh, through a canyon city, And you know Tim's girlfriend, JCs fanfic family that's from down there. We drove through downtown Canyon said. I couldn't believe how big a downtown and it's kind of like one of those downtown's. That's kind of lost in time. It's like it probably looks the same now, as it looked in that in the seventies, you know, like the neon and that the signs and that you know it's ah It's uh you know, so we did. We did a little bit of calling. We're out of road trip on, uh, on on our cove. It, uh, on our covert savage Dakota covert Saturday. What did you do, John? What did you do during the covert? I know you watched a lot of hockey games and And I know your family stayed away from you. Yeah. Yeah. Holly and Emma made sure I stayed in the bedroom. And, yeah, they did their part to such one day, she said. I haven't seen for three days that I was Joe. She was enjoying for three years enjoying that, Actually, the best part. We did Assume call Andy Jo and Ben and I and and I says, Andy, how you doing, kid? Everybody stand where he goes. That's hard. The kids are coming in and Jumping all over me and you know, it's just been really, really hard and I go. How about you? Jackie goes, I haven't seen anybody for three days. This'll make up that may become a thing for us. One other thing I want to mention before we actually get onto the air Force hockey portion of the show. Jerry York the other day Boston College one is 1100 hockey game. You got that good. Good for Jerry. Another guy you don't have to worry about. I think Jerry up and Wayne Gretzky, Jerry on the list of hockey guys that you don't have to worry about during the pandemic. There you go. No, Jerry's Jerry marks in bowling Green and Boston cost. Yeah, boy. Yeah, Frank, you've got 456 your brother who Tom we had on the show. Last week, has 324 you guys have combined for 780? I figure if you coach about 40 more years, you might catch Jerry Jerry York Jury's got 1100 wins right now, 11 and his record against Frank's territory and Joe Doyle's one on 11 on one, Right? Yeah, Red Berenson's got a pile, too, and he doesn't have very good record against the Falcons. Bob Moscow's doing pretty good here. Never. Good record against the Falcons way. We've done pretty good against some of the big dogs. I'm sorry and well, you know what? Right now We're all in nine and I'm gonna You know, I'm going to talk about the good old days. Yeah. All right. We need to take a break, and then we will come back and talk a little more. It's the Air Force hockey coaches show live at the Colorado rib and chop house in Dublin and powers. Great to see all you folks here and we'll be back on the Air Force Sports Network from Lear Fill my MG college presented by us. Ah, hi, friend. It's your home speaking and I need some favors. Could you turn on some of the lights in the basement? I'm scared of the dark. Also, this one is easy. Could.

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