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Net dot com and back to the phones we go with Douglas in Yuma. Arizona there Douglas, high Kim let you and thank you for all the help that you give us out here. We don't necessarily call you and let you know that you are very helpful to us. I have a brand new computer. It's a halo Packer pavilion. And I do income taxes. I shut in. Wow. And what I need to do be able to take my computer to their house. Or the residents were their stay and do their income taxes. Now, a lot of these places do not have hot spot, and they don't have modems. No internet access, but I need to put something on. My computer has an external something to get on the internet because turbotax requires you to do in order to file electronically, the income tax return. I need to have something on my computer. And I don't know what to do. Well, you've come to the right place. Douglas, okay. All right. So a couple of things you can do is you can carry around this pavilion laptop, right? Take it over what a great service, you're doing. Thank you for doing that for a lot of folks, you know, that they can't get out that you're going to them to do their taxes. That's that's a pretty big service. Then when you get there is that, of course, you have a phone, right? Telephone or cellphone smartphone. Right. And so with your smartphone is that you can create your own hotspot off of that. And so essentially what you're gonna do is your your laptop is going to connect to your smartphone. And then that's how you're going to get out on the internet, right? Okay. Does that make sense? Okay. And then keep in mind that you want to make sure that you have a really good password. And and also watch your data usage because if you are not an unlimited data plan, which I know it's not really unlimited. It's unlimited to a certain point. And then they start throttling. You back if you start using a lot of your data that you might find these overage charges. So once you do set this up make sure that you are also setting up with your carrier that as you get say within maybe ten gigabits left or five whatever may be is that you're going to get a notification? And then after you get that notification, then you know, you might have scaled back or you can pony up some more money. So that this way you can keep doing the taxes and thank you for your call. Thank you also for your kind words done this. I do appreciate hearing that all of us do here at the show. We always love to hear a thank you and merry Christmas. To you Julie in San Antonio, Texas, either Julie. There. How are you? I'm good. What's going on? Well, we have a middle schooler who thinks she wants a laptop. But she's twelve. I like the way you say that she's twelve. Okay. So we all would have wanted wanted twelve oaks her my husband, and I have we have an imac in the house. That's probably eleven ten or eleven years old. So we are apple and a house. So we didn't want to just jump running dinner matchbook era. College son has a mess. Luke air says she thinks she wants that. But she does Google docs, school, Google, docs. So when you're kind of drawn towards the idea of the Chromebook has kind of a stepping stone..

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