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Phil rizzuto and when we lived in los angeles it was vin scully but really as a small child i remember vin scully's voice all the time i mean it was it was a narrative in my house and yet i never played baseball i always played football i was i was a big time football guy but i was way too small you know i didn't you know get to my heightened until i was like eighteen years old and then i started playing these wreck leagues and i was tearing it up but at that point it was already i'd already had my come and gone you know but but when my father passed you know it was just something something about baseball just woke up in me and and i became obsessed with it and and i you know maybe an and i think it was i like to think that it was because i listened to it and i i kinda regretted that i never had the chance to spend time with him talking baseball or playing baseball because he was he was such a fan of the game you know i can relate i've said before when i was young we didn't have a ton but and my dad worked as azoff to sometimes just to keep the lights on but there were certain saturdays when he would take me over the mountain to see virginia tech play football and it will football at that time it was one and nine two and eight oh and ten every single year but it was time with my dad and it was his attention and it was me feeling his love and hoping he felt mine and to this day nowhere on earth do i feel closer to my dad then lane stadium in blacksburg virginia it's kinda weird.

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