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Stories on NewsRadio BBB 'em. Jennifer Keiper charges have been filed in a hit and run that his left a west of child in critical condition. Advocates star state senators mayor elect Lightfoot over the prospect of an elected school board for Chicago city leaders the newest part of a pathway along the Chicago river and brewing trade wars in stocks, tumbling and sports tonight. Also the injury hitting the SOX pitching staff markets ugly day down six hundred seventeen points. Nasdaq down to sixty nine P down sixty nine points. Low tonight of forty two tomorrow, partly sunny with high of sixty eight forty eight at the lake fifty-six midway fair Fifty-seven Eto here. The Newswatch continues at six thirty one sponsored by US waterproofing and topic news. They have our new information about the west suburban in connection with a hit and run they lift a six year old girl in critical condition. Kane county sheriffs say the suspect today has been cited three times for driving to revoke license before yesterday's crash WBZ should've Kuyper as the update drive and unincorporated Saint Charles is facing numerous charges in connection with the hit and run of six year old girl. It happened near the corner. Of Geneva courier in an unincorporated area near Saint Charles Kent County sheriff Ron Hain tells WBZ 'em among the charges filed. Report death or injury of a serious accident class to driving licence revoked a class four phony driving licence revoked. Well, the driving occurred Amorebieta accident involving personal injury other class phony sheriff Haynes says they had lead on Corta who not only abandoned his pickup truck after the crash, but also the dog inside of it turned himself into police. Jennifer, Keiper, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. Take an active of the state legislature to make Chicago school board an elected board supporters time lawmakers to make it happen outside the Thompson center. Eric Clark with the group parents for teachers said they and other groups are backing state Representative Robert Martin Bill creating the twenty one member school board with all members elected. They want an elected school board. But one person over the last several years hasn't blacking that and that is Senator John collar ten twenty four intellectual Taylor was among those also saying mayor elect Lory Lightfoot should support the Bill though, she's reportedly concerned about the size and makeup of the board. The people in my community that I want to work with them and see what they want CPS eighty seems like they never had an elected school board is the people have spoken, and it's time for us to have the reputation. We need Taylor says they should meet with Lightfoot before putting pressure order at city hall, Craig Delamore, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM? News time, six thirty three. There's more to walk down the Chicago river walk under blue skies and frame by the Chicago river mayor Emanuel cut the ribbon on river walk east. Connecting Michigan avenue to lakeshore drive Richard now house lives in a high rise next to the river. He was sitting in the lounge chairs along the route ten tastic. You know, we we walked the old river walk every morning. And.

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