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Mickey callaway officially putting that harvey in the pen in new wasn't going to be the most comfortable conversation so you know it's it's a tough message but it sounds like he's going to embrace it and go out there and get the job does switching gears the yankees are reportedly going to call up glacier torres for sunday series finale against the blue jays stadium the pitching matchup luis severino against former yankee i may garcia bombers will be going for three out of four aaron boone's bunch blew out toronto nine one saturday and three of those runs driven by aaron judge clearly to me one of the best players in the league and i talked about him winning pitches all the time he wins so many pitches over the course of the game up there and he better you better execute when you're facing hammer and trump jordan montgomery six innings four hits a single run for the victory shaman nyah no hit the red sox as one three nothing the raise dominated the twins ten to one indians better than the orioles zip tigers cruise past the royals told the four astros no problem with the white sox tend to one mariners nights seven over the rangers angels four giants three dodgers shut out the nationals for nothing phillies defeated the pirates sixty two brewers six marlins five in a walk off rockies took care of the cubs by the two cardinals over the red sport of three diamondbacks beat the padres six two devils eliminated from the stanley cup playoffs by the lightning and five games three two one was the latest score may police staved off elimination from the bruins four three but boston still up three games to two capitals took a three two lead over the blue jackets with a four three overtime win nba playoffs the jazz lead the thunder two to one at one fifteen one zero two game three victory temperatures one twentyone rocket five houston's leads down to two one the pellegrin swept the blazers won thirty one twenty three seventy sixers rally past in outlasted the heat one zero six one or two for three games to one advantage in and soccer.

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