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A little higher than most people anticipated so that a former linebacker in the nfl. Pick jamie davis guy. Who you know coach. Luke keithly and thomas davis jason davis stud. I think would would make me dead wrong. I think ryan fitzpatrick continuing to grow off of Some of his better seasons in recent memories could make me dead wrong Antonio gibson Becomes a you know borderline elite running back And then division just sucking. I mean i think that's very possible that this division is not good I'm kind of with you. I think the eagles are gonna be better than most people expect Don't know totally what to think of the giants. That defense last night for the cowboys look like same old. Same old mike. Parsons didn't know what the hell he was doing out there So i i think that's all i could be absolutely dead wrong with this prediction yeah. I thought mike parsons had A up and down night. There were times where he looked like a rookie playing in the nfl for the first time and then there are other times where he clearly flashed and you could see the athleticism If if i told you that an nfc east team is going to win. More than eleven games. Would you be shocked and be. Who would it be. I don't wanna be prisoner of the moment. i think it would be dallas. Maybe they figure things out defensively You know they don't have that. I play schedule. So i mean granted for dallas right there. Crossover is new england on the road. So it's not like they get a pass In that regard the eagles get the chats. Everyone else gets a pretty hard opponent there But they get. I believe arizona if i remember correct Nfc west But i think with that offense. I mean my god i mean they have so many freaking weapons all over the place and i i think this feeling on them is in my opinion the highest of anyone in the in the division because maybe dan quinn can start figuring things out maybe like the parson Is a you know can become what we all kind of expect him to become so. That's yeah.

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