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New York City, Mexico, Brazil discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Of the Mormon church is speaking out against racism the president of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints denounced racism and the violence occurring a protests around the country it was the face first public statements since volatile weekend demonstrations over the death of George Floyd president Russell M. Nelson said in a post to his social media accounts that the Utah based religion joined with people around the world being saddened and recent evidences of racism and blatant disregard for human life the church has been trying to improve race relations in recent decades following a history that included a ban on black men in the priesthood that lasted until nineteen seventy eight I'm Walter Ratliff a Los Angeles area appellate court judges being removed from office because of years of misconduct including unwanted touching of women and undignified behavior a judicial panel says misconduct by Jeffrey Johnson has been aggravated by his lack of candor hi Jackie Quinn APNews coronavirus update a Jackie Quinn with an A. P. news minute a World Health Organization officials as that North America remains the hardest hit region for corona virus are Charles de Ledesma reports find countries recording the most new cases are in the Americas the US Brazil Peru Chile and Mexico the W. H. O. is particularly concerned about places like Haiti because of the inherent weaknesses in their health systems New York City officials say that the contact tracers who are trying to reach out to contacts of those infected had a good first day they were able to find more than half of the people who may have come into contact with some six hundred infected patients Michigan's governor told Congress today the state does not have the supplies it needs to fully wrap up testing for the virus here dressers in her state complained to the same committee they should be allowed to re open stocks closed higher today hi Jackie Quinn.

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