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Ragnarok the humor on the big picture sean tennessee and david shoemaker made a really great point about how tony stark is no longer the only character who gets to be quickey everyone is funny now like the guardians dna the ragnarok dna felt so present in this movie in a way that even when literally half the characters you care about her melting away before your eyes you're still kinda like man those ben and jerry's jokes they really landed yeah you know and i think the other thing that was just so impressive about it to your point about capturing the spirit of a true comic book nash up was the balance because what is the potential risk with a stray like this it's that if you care about anyone character you're gonna feel cheated those nebulous stands out there like thirty five seconds nebula you can't be exactly and you run the risk of all these separate groups of fans feeling like they got short shrift but i don't know i mean maybe if he's i'm not so super firmly in one character's camp i felt like the balance was pretty impeccable fitting of course given thanasis balanced first mantra right but it just felt like right at the moment where you're like all right i've been with star lord yeah just long enough they knew that in the movie felt it and you shifted to another cast and the pairings the chemistry of who they were with and all those pockets of just felt like a really crackled and it just worked and so the fact that everybody basically alive left the theatre saying well all those people will come back there doesn't really matter to me like i don't think that's a bad thing i think the film can simultaneously stand on its own as an entertaining piece of culture and an achievement in the genera and also serve as.

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