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Balancing our children's schedule our schedule our work schedule that this is technology is helping to make that happen that's super exciting now series there anything that we haven't covered about online grocery ordering or apps that you think people need to be aware of people are adapting with online ordering and it's again is not going to be a matter of of if it happened is out there happening now and it's just going to continue to grow and as the younger generation who with online all the time anyways right this is going to be the normal thing for them so as a lot of us are just adopting it and seeing the value it will become the norm down the road cheery thank you so much annot that people are gonna wanna know how they can find you online so let them know that yes you can find me at sherri steinbach which is my twitter handle and then also my facebook or my sorry website that sherry steinbach dot com all right thank you so much sheree i really appreciate you joining me today okay that wraps up my interview with sherry stunned baugh hope that gives you something to think about when you are making out your shopping list for this week i'm going to take a quick commercial break but come right back i'm making one an announcement about a break that this unbelievable life will be taking for the summer and i'm going to be sharing some odds and ends as a wrap up from last week's skin cancer episode on some of the product recommendations you heard in that episode that's coming up next today's episode is brought to you by audible listeners of this unbelievable life can get a free download and free trial of audible by simply visiting audible trial dot com slash millennial i had asked in the this lineal live facebook group recently four book recommendations and there were some great authors recommended louise penny karin slaughter steve berry brad meltzer and more one of the things that was also recommended.

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