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Find out what you thought about the Patrick Mahomes deal and the way this this kind of sets up. I mean, you got to know for Dak Prescott and Shawn Watson. There's only increases their value. They're not gonna necessarily make nearly 40 million per, but they are going to make more than they were going to make before just as a result of this contract. The thing about it. It feels like it sets up nicely for both sides, and he is the one quarterback as we talk before the show or when the show started a little while ago. He's the one quarterback, then nobody bats an eye at no matter what they paid him. Right because he has two years as a starter for the 1st 2 years. He's had a starter in the league. You can argue they're They're the best 1st 2 years that any quarterback in NFL history has had, And obviously I know we didn't play that rookie year, but the two years that he's starting better than even Dan Marino. In a 3 84 Kurt Warner right around the turn of the century after he came through the through NFL Europe in the Arena League, So there's no question he deserves it and One of the fascinating aspects of this is looking at some of these numbers that sound audacious, like, for example, in 2027 the cash out lie or cash outlay. Pardon me is going to be just south of $60 million. And that sounds massive right now and it won't be small when it comes around, but We're going to be a few years into the new round of television contracts. They should be kicking in here around 2022. Are we going to be looking at that me? Not as a bargain, but as fair market value, and you touched on Dak Prescott and Dish on Watson. If if dish on Watson is 75% of of Patrick Mahomes. They shouldn't he get $30 million a year? In theory? Yes, absolutely. Do I stay on brand? You got to stay on breads and honestly, if we didn't get a 75 reference in before our time. I thought we would have done something very wrong. Dude, it's great to have you back on the show. I hope I can do this again very soon. Absolutely. You take have a great night, guys. I appreciate Andrew Freaking Mason at Mace. Denver on Twitter read his fantastic work at the D. M v r dot com along Brian Kononsberg and Zach Stevens. They're going to have Fantastic Broncos coverage just like we do here on Broncos country tonight, but they speak to the diehards. They speak to Broncos fans that want to know about the guys up and down this Ross or not just starters, they want to know about the guys that are in the pipeline. The backing guys because in the end, you know Alexander Johnson's like we interviewed Alexander Johnson at a train cave watching him. Practice out there. You knew he could be. You feel just watched from college. He knew he had a chance to be something special. But watching him out there He was having great practices, he was making an impact. You see these things being out there every single day, oftentimes for training camp. What I always find the most appealing thing about it for me is the the fact that it is It's not a one day here and there smattering where you show up and you get an idea. You kind of have to be there every single day because this all kind of comes in waves. There's an have been flow. To the entirety of training camp. Who could be a star early on in week. 1 may fade off by two or three. So if you only went weak one, you wouldn't necessarily know everything you could know. Can't wait for training camps could be a lot of fun. I guess we're gonna have great coverage here on broad Coast country tonight..

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