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I dc lincoln memorial bunch of fast walkers in washington dc never realized how fast everybody's always moving until you actually stop and take a look nationals park last night the home run derby how about this ten tender oh nick swisher that was not last night swish remember how many home runs you hit five four or five let's say can we add one way wish guys do you know how nerve wracking that is right there tell us it is so it because you're normally used to hit and we call the cage the turtle you know comes over you feel very safe in their right but when it's gone it's a little different say i brought up early allow him to get away with that with y'all okay what would would it it mean mean to you know much fractured at is oh my god it's all star game fish hake stop you're right you're right i felt like petr appearance but that's all right i'll take your man that was part of a whole bunch of sleep before that either had all they said never backwards though right i'm gonna tell you since two thousand ten right something happened with your head since then small my i think we all know i disagree i happen to think warned a lot of pressure have not shells your team watching you have fans from all over gene a lot of baseball game ohio state university you know that baby listen swishes lived a charmed life i was talking about this when we saw you in the lobby yesterday and chris's lovely wife sue said he's always so happy i was like man read the man's resume the guys woken up every day with a great life if you're like wake up every.

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