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That was a hermit Thrush. Let me just play you a quick little time lapse twenty two seven right now sun's just coming up. And it's getting a little muggy out here. Curtains. We can't count them though. He's not in our. One way back that way. Yeah. But I'm not gonna Markham. Then because I don't know exactly where he's at. There you go. County now. No, no, no, no. We want to be a lot more accurate. We wanna triangulate them nine fifty six in all's well in the warbler would couple of answer by me. Yeah. They do a little bit. Yeah. There. Ten forty five AM. I know that there's a bird out there. I can still hear that burn me back, sir. So I ended up staying out there for seven and a half hour. Just marked one, right? Mark one. And I don't mean to sound like I'm making fun of Dave. I mean, he's doing his job. Well, but at some point in between the fire ants and taking four hours to confirm this one bird. I just started thinking about all the effort. It takes Rosa trees owner from us. And we can't just suddenly thought. Fussy fragile little bird it hasn't evolved. Who cares? I mean, this is not worth it. And so I started asking people who protect the bird, why do so much money, and it's all for a bird, and I could see it. Maybe if it was for some, but it's just one warbler of eighteen million different kinds of warblers. Why do it? We do because we should you know, we're stewards of the land. That's Chris mincing again cowherd killer. It's for future generations. And here's the fire starter, dick Lord. All the curtains warbler was listed under the Endangered Species Act, and we had a charge under the law to do what we could to recover its existence. And that's the only thing that I can say that. Know we had to do what the law required us to do. So we should do it in the law tells us we have to do it. Unconvincing and that question for before on worth the life of bird, and that guy at at the diner, it just stuck in my mind. I realized I couldn't leave this town until I talked to the people who lost the most. Full name Robert sweaters age, fifty four Kathleen sweater ski ski the mother and the mother the guy died, I guess, that's it. But ice tea or watery where else sitting around the kitchen table dogs and beer over there since brother-in-law's there two's off Calvin cover, debris, and I asked them to tell me about Jim Guy. Softspoken? Smarten quite a character. They told me at first they were furious. They've never ever sung him in their angry at the forest service angry about this bird. Now, three decades later, I say, he keeps Albert exactly really Jim's younger brother, Robert said that the thing he wanted the most is for the kirtland warbler to become the, but that would be the ultimate that would be the biggest ever would be state. I guess I guess in some ways I'm surprised I I. Didn't mean to come here that their patients, but in some ways, I thought if it was my family that I would hate that bird. Advocate that bird. That's not the word. I mean that bird didn't do anything to. You know, if we can keep it going. I mean, that's what he's set out to do. Let's keep it going. They think about Jim's death any of the military like the death of a soldier. Where would you be setting right now, we've lost all those soldiers in World War One World War Two that he died protecting us. It's only one species, then it's gonna be another species and another species and another species next thing, you know, you walk out in the morning, and it'll be quiet. Thank God for teddy Roosevelt, and the boys that made our national parks managing what if we didn't have those it costs money, it's painful, blah, blah, blah. Gotta have the guts to do that. And Jim was really that kind of guy that is convincing. Yeah. But I mean, do you agree. I asked them on. What can I say? The birds are coming back, but the guard. So why bring it up again? It's done. If you can't bring it back. So. You have to live with it. But there's always a hole in your heart. Something that none of us ever forget forever. Don't ask me anymore questions. Please. And then. The power went out. Break. Homegoods generator. Miller..

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