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Let's get back to my interview with Adam McKay, he wrote and directed the new film vice which is about Dick Cheney and how he became one of the most powerful vice presidents in American history, it stars Christian bale is Cheney Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney and Sam Rockwell as George W Bush, so making vice was a very eventful period for you. You had a heart attack before the movie was finished. Thank goodness you survived and seemed to be in good shape. Now, what point of the movie were you in when you realize you're having a heart attack? We had just finished a filming. I think we'd raft for about a week. And it's that period where the editor is putting together the Iraq assembly of the movie Hank Corwin was working on its you kind of have this little week and a half two week break. And I just realized I was not in the best shape. I put on weight during the movie, I was foolish enough to continue smoking not a ton. But I was you know, about a half, a pack a day below half a pack a day, and it just I didn't feel good. My doctor was warning me. And I was working out with my trainer. And in the middle of my hands started tingling and my stomach felt queasy. We'll those aren't normally symptoms you think of with heart attack, usually think of pain in the chest and the arm. So I told my train hard on fine. I'm fine. I'm just tired. This is just weird and he left and his soon as he left. I remembered the heart attack seem shot with bail when he. Is running for congress in Wyoming in the late seventies and pale. It asked me said how do you want to do the heart attack? You want it to be a pain in the arm the chest. He goes, I could also do the queasy stomach. That's really common. And I remember ask him like, what do you mean? I've never heard that before queasy stomach, and he goes, oh, yeah. It's very common. And so that moment just flash back to me while I was sitting on the couch, and I went holy Lord. And I ran upstairs, and I just down for baby aspirin and called nine one one. And God bless nine one one within three minutes they were there, and they had me at the hospital another three minutes after that. And the doctor was like why did you take those baby aspirin like I think he knew usually the queasy stomach thing. People don't react to that one. And I said, oh, my lead actor in our movie told me that's how that's how hard attack works and. The doctor said because you acted so quickly. You have no damage to your heart, your heart. And then he said not only that you have an extra strong heart. So he said the only dumping you're doing is smoking. So he said if you stop smoking, there's no reason you shouldn't live to be one hundred years old. So I have stopped smoking. That is the good news. And and my heart is as good as new, but man, what a scary experience. So I called Christian bale week later. And I said either you or Dick Cheney just saved my life. And the craziest thing was they took me they call it a cath lab, which I had never heard of before the catheter lab, and they take you in there. And that's where your heart. Doctor comes in your cardiologists. And this was a guy named Dr Henry is one of the best in the world. Thank god. And they get to work on you. And they're you know, they're going to clear out that blockage. And they did and they were amazing, and then towards the end I was on drugs, obviously. And for some reason, I thought it was very important that everyone at the table. No that I just done a movie about Dick Cheney. And how how ironic this is that I'm on a table having a heart attack. And of course, no one cares. But I saw sort of mumbled it. I was like this is weird. I just said a movie about tick Cheney and everyone ignored me as they should have except one voice to my right. Just after beaches said the Cheney great American. That's not the point of your movie. You know, it's I in my mind, I was like I don't want to argue with this guy that these people just say my life..

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