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Motorcycles for Bloomberg previously she covered luxury culture and travel for Forbes, Hannah Elliott, welcome back to masters in Bloomberg. It's so good to be master's business. What am I? Welcome back to masters in whatever the heck this is. Thank you. It's great to be here. I always enjoy talking to you 'cause I'm kind of a car guy. And before we get into automobiles, let's just start a little bit with your background of your career. You are staff writer at Forbes luxury. What led you to being a writer and what led you to luxury. It's a really funny story. I always start out by saying, of course, at Bloomberg, I get to write about cars. I get to write about the fun thing. Most people here write about how to make money. I get to write about how to spend money. This was not by design this was not my plan. I did love words and books and I did study journalism in college. I went to Baylor university. Thinking of Brittany griner right now, she also went to Baylor, so shout out Brittany. But I went to Baylor, I got a journalism degree, and moved to New York. I had interned writing about politics and religion actually, but saw on Craigslist and ad to assist the automotive editor at Forbes. And I knew nothing about cars. I come from a sports family. I'm not a car. I still say I'm not actually a car person. This is my job. It's a beat. Were you a sport? Did you play sports? Yeah, I ran track. I was gonna guess volleyball because I was a basketball. No, you short for best of all, but you could ride height for a beach volleyball. I got some cousins who are very good at volleyball. They played an SMU. But I was a runner. My dad ran for Nike in the 80s. Oh, really? Marathon distance. So I come from a big running family, my brother played basketball actually in Europe, professionally. So big sports family, no car. Anything. I mean, no, I mean, I did know how to drive a stick shift because my dad taught me in his old Ford when I was 16, mostly because I bug them just to do it. But I had an uncle with an Acura legend, which was probably the nicest car I was ever exposed to. Wow. And just shared an old Buick skylark with my sister in high school that I was very embarrassed by. So not understandably. Although my sister actually, I think she kind of liked it. But not interested in cars at all. But back to this Craigslist ad, I figured, well, Forbes is a good brand. It's recognizable. I know I want to do journalism. There's my foot in the door. I'll figure it out once I get in. And fast forward, you know, this was on like 2007, 2008, a lot of people got laid off in the industry, my editor who I'd been working with for a year and a half or so got laid off. He was expensive. I wasn't. Being paid. Next to nothing. So it was like, well, who can write about cars and pick this up? 'cause we just fired the guy who was covering him, which doesn't make sense. Right. And so, yeah, Elliot, you go. And Matthew de Paula, I will always be so grateful to him. He was the editor. At Forbes at the time who hired me and really for a year and a half took me around everywhere and just taught me the beat. And that's how I approached it. This is a beat, I'm gonna approach this just like anything else. There are no wrong questions. It's just like, this is the way that I would cover anything. And then I always kind of thought, well, I'll eventually go into other things and I did certainly do luxury and watch coverage at Forbes and celebrity coverage. You know, I got to talk to everyone from Jennifer Lopez to cover story on Elon Musk back in the day before anyone really knew about him, which is. Crazy to think about now. So yeah, so Forbes was great and just kind of was like cars where the thing that I did because no one else at Forbes was doing them. And then I just never stopped. And you know, what was the first car you reviewed it for? That's a great question. The first car I remember being allowed to drive as a Forbes staffer was probably a vintage door, a Lamborghini aventador. Oh, really? So which I was terrified. I have some fun. Yes. I remember Matthew was in the passenger seat. So I wasn't completely solo enough. De Paula, who was Matthew depaul, who was the editor who hired me there. He was still around. And I mean, I was terrified. But also I was young and dumb enough not to know any better. Right. And I think that actually really served me. I didn't know what I was supposed to do or not do. I just approached it like a journalist, which I was, and I still am really proud to be a journalist. I think it's the best job and cars are way more fascinating now, even than then. I mean, that was 12, 15 years ago. And even now, the car industry is the most exciting industry. It's crazy to be really. So I was telling a friend that I was going to speak with you, again, and talk about cars. And their response was, you know, I love pizza, but if I had to make pizza for a living, I would hate pizza. Is that the same? Is there still a thrill here or are you like no longer can smell the roses? That's a really good question. I think it actually works in my benefit that I never was a car person anyway. I am not a car person, and I always say, here's the difference. Yeah, because I think you've become a car person, whether or not you want it to. Well, I can certainly speak the language if I need to and I feel very comfortable in those circles. But here's the difference. I don't go to car things that I'm not basically paid to be there. Yes, it's enjoyable. Yes, it's glamorous and fun, and I really do enjoy it, but I don't go to car things on my own personal time. I play with my dog, you know, or go buy a flower or something. Something else, because yeah, I just think like your pizza friend, it would be too much. I really say, look, if your car is the most interesting thing about you, you're probably a little bit boring. I like to be around people who have a lot of dimensions and cool car is one of them, and that's awesome. Right. But to me, that should not be the most interesting thing about you, I love car people. I love talking about cars, but like, come on, you gotta have some depth. Two. Coming up, we continue our conversation with Hannah Elliot, hypercar reviewer for Bloomberg, talking about her favorite new automobiles. I'm Barry rickard sure listening to masters in business, on Bloomberg radio. How upper progressive notes that most

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